Ciclosport HAC 4

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big fellow
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by big fellow

I am interested in experiences people may have with this computer as I am looking at purchasing it. I did a search but only found basic mentions.

I am particularly interested in its reliability since it's wireless. I am led to believe that it can be taken off the mount and worn as a heart rate monitor for running. As a triathlete I like the sound of that but have no idea how big it is, and have no interest in running with a brick on my wrist.

Thanks in advance

Cheers :D

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by Villadsen


It is old technology and there is a new improved model coming out this spring. The heartrate reception in very poor on the old one. BTW the new version is gonna have the shape of a wristwatch so it will fit your purpose much better.

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by Michiel

I owned one and the fact that the heartrate isn't coded is a big disadvantage. You suddenly have heartratemax. like 225 or so when someone else also has a Ciclosport.
I now have a Polar, which I would prefer. It's a bit on the big size but functions great!

big fellow
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by big fellow

it's not coded?

man that is basic basic technology.....

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by Juanmoretime

I didn't have any issues with reliability. One thing to note is the miles per hour only reads out in whole miles. So you don't know if your riding at 22.1 or 21.9.

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