Need help on a wheel choice!!!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Juanmoretime

Superlight, have you considered the Rolf Prima Elan Aero's? I have a set bought from the Bicycle Doctor, $780 plus shipping for the 2005. I weigh 155 and in about 1,500 miles of use so far, find them plenty stiff. The accelerate quickly and are excellent climbers. I use them as a training and race wheelset. I also like to ride my Eurus although the Rolfs get more ride time.
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by Dr.Dos

Keep the Dura-Aces or get some Campy Eurus, those are the stoutest semi aero racing wheels on the market. ACs are for pics and bragging on internet forums.

If you want it light and reliable, get some Hügi/tune with DT 1.1. Go for Cosmic SLs if you need aero racing clinchers.

You're a racer after all, go swim with the stream goddamit. :lol:

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by Bruiser

AC are good for the rider on a budget, but they're not as stiff as the expensive wheels.

Perhaps you should use the 7800's for training wheels while you save for some good climbers (is the AC ad for the Mag clinchers exclusive to this thread?).

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by Superlite

Thanks for the input, I think I'm just going to keep my DA.

Cadence, got a question. On your friends two wheels

'03 or '04 AC 420 (sent them back 3 times for hub/bearing issues, finally gave up)
'04 AC 350 (had some problems, and said they were not stiff, sold them)

What spoke type and count did he have? On the 420's was the bearing issue the only reason he got rid of those, or did he feel they were not stiff either?

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by cadence90

SL, both wheels were the 16/20 I believe. He did mention some issues with flex (on the 350, the 420 seemed fine), but mainly the issues were rear hub bearings and once the rear hub "clip" ( I don't know the actual term, a kind of split ring, internal) that broke, so that the cassette would not engage. He did say Shook was nice, etc. on the phone, but after 3 replacements (and three long taxi rides home etc.) he was too pissed and no longer wanted to rely on the AC, as has been the experience of others here.

AC may have improved, I don't know, but changing ('improving") every year based on so many problems tells me the design and or qc is bad. :evil: Also, now the 350 rim brake track is very thin I hear....

I'm over 90kg, have ridden the same SpeedDream with Sapim CX-Ray and White Industries hubs for almost 4 years, with no problems. That's why I mentioned the Cirrus might interest you, since you are lighter. Any wheel with a WI hub is a good one I think...the Rolf also use it.
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