The 7-pound road bike.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by DHracer

A weigth weenies ultimate dream for road bikes


Start with a set of $15,000, 850-gram Lew wheels. Then shave off all that excess material.

A German rider with a penchant for lightweight rides has put together a 3195-gram (7.04-pound) road bike that he says is sturdy enough for him to ride up to 1000 kilometers a week.

Günter Mai from Lampertheim has modified virtually every part on the bike, including the set of custom Lew Racing Pro VT-1 wheels. Off the shelf VT-1 wheels weigh 850 grams a pair and are made for use by riders up to 185 pounds. They sell for about $6000, while custom wheels like Mai's cost $15,000.

Mai's wheels were designed around Mai's 150-pound body and were delivered to him weighing 734 grams (1.6 pounds). Mai took off another 30 grams by shaving material off the axle end caps, replacing the steel freehub pawls and hub spacers with titanium versions, using tapered carbon/boron axles and full ceramic bearings. He also carved off some of the freehub splines that are not needed with the six-speed cassette he uses.

The bike already had light weight fans on the web excited when it was shown at the EuroBike trade show last fall. The new wheels shaved 103 grams off the bike as shown there.

"The really astonishing thing behind this build is that despite setting the benchmark in weight, it is still perfectly usable," said Nils Wiedemann, LEW's European technical consultant. Wiedemann has done two 100km rides with Mai on the bike.

● Frame: SPIN Custom by Marc Siebert (677.5g)
● Fork: THM custom Scapula SP Tuned by Thomas Mertin (214.0g)
● Cranks (incl. BB): THM custom Clavicula by Thomas Mertin (366.7g)
● Headset: custom integrated headset (26.7g)
● Chain: KMC X10SL Silver (214.8g)
● Saddle/seatpost combination: Schmolke seatpost tube w/Speedneedle upper by Jürgen Mikus (the maker of the Tune Speedneedle) (77.0g)
● Cables: PowerCordz Derailleur Cordz (for the derailleurs as well as the brakes) / 4.5mm pneumatic hose for housing (15.6g)
● Brakes: AX-Lightness Orion, modified by Günter Mai (88.6g)
● Front derailleur: Campagnolo Record, customized with carbon parts by Bernhard Langerbein of Bike-Tuning-Parts (28.5g)
● Stem: Nordischer Rahmenbau by Oliver Grest (custom length and angle) 110mm x -8deg (53.8g)
● Bar: Schmolke custom TLO by Stefan Schmolke (111.3g)
● Brake levers: Campagnolo Record, modified by Günter Mai (86.5g)
● Chain rings: small ring carbon 36T, big ring alu 50T modified by Günter Mai (69.2g)
● Rear derailleur: Sachs Huret, customized with carbon parts by Bike-Tuning-Parts (48.3g)
● Skewers: Tune Skyline by Uli Fahl (16.3g)
● Chainring bolts: Tune (9.3g)
● Pedals: Aerolite Titan, tuned by Günter Mai (65.2g)
● Cassette: Recon Alu block 11-16 6speed, 11T sprocket steel - modified by Günter Mai (52.8g)
● Shifting levers: BTP carbon downtube shifters (9.0g)
● Wheels: Lew custom boron by Paul Lew, modified by Günter Mai (704.4g)
● Tires: Tufo Elite 110 (218.0g)
● Seat clamp: BTP carbon 34.9mm by Bernhard Langerbein (6.0g)
● BB cable guide: Campagnolo (2.7g)
● Bar tape: Veloplast (only on the top of the bars) (12.3g)
● Tire glue & air: (20.0g)

● Total:3194.5g



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by ultimobici

Impressive weight - I doubt it is an everyday rider in that configuraton.

36 x 16 lowest gear? No climbing of anything bigger than a bridge I suspect.
110g Tubs - Who sweeps the streets in advance of a ride?
Finally, what about riding in windy conditions?

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by dolophonic

His chain looks like its really short..! i guess every gram counts.

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by vmajor

Amazingly light, but...does anyone think that perhaps it is not the best looking bike out there?


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by DHracer

What shoes are you gonna need to clip on those Aerolite pedals?.

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by mythical

And to think this owner's new bike weighs less still!! :o (Where will it end?) ... 2_9kg.html

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by kenyoncycleist


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by prendrefeu

It's a beautiful build, but I feel like I'm in a time warp...

How old is that story from VeloNews? WHY is it being posted on the 29th of December in 2008?

Isn't the Titanic supposed to be due to port any day now?
Is Lyndon B. Johnson still alive?
When will the Ottoman Empire fall??



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by hockinsk

Very light & very ugly if you ask me! The only bit of the design I like is the transparant cables. What are they? They look like polythene tubing with teflon liner or something?

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by Danton

hockinsk wrote:Very light & very ugly if you ask me!
That's the whole point! Pure minimal function.

Even on the new bike on, he's still using the VT-1 wheels, if he took their rims and used custom hubs and Pillar spoke, a 10 spoke front wheel and maybe 16 spoke rear and he could go lighter.

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by DHracer

mythical wrote:And to think this owner's new bike weighs less still!! :o (Where will it end?) ... 2_9kg.html

damm :shock: that is nuts

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by ploglet

I don't get how you are able to only have a 6 speed and consider it to be comparable to the 10 or 11 speed bikes. Why not just go to 1 speed and ditch the front and rear derailleurs?

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by Danton

It's clearly an experiemental bike but one that allows you to ride up and downhill. Face it, 11 speed just isn't useful, you can survive with 6 speed in most terrain with two chainrings on the front. It's not meant to be a perfect bike for all days but just the ultimate in light riding that can be used on the road, not the track or for show.

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by rascel

That article is so yesterday. How can a "Best of 2008" article create such a turmoil ?

Mai already broke the 3kg border and presented the bike at Eurobike this September. :wink:
Light-Bikes - news for weightweenies

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