Have anyone used the Yokozuna reaction cable housing?

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by literider

Haven't used Yokozuna, but it's hard to beat a dremel for other cables.

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by Oberon

I have used a Shimano TL-CT10 cutter on two Yokozuna Reaction bike set ups. The cutter will shear through the brake cable with no effort and all that is left to do is to use the inner potion of the cutter to form the outer cable back to a round profile and then use a pointed needle or similar to open up the cable's inner sleeve so you can feed the cable into it.

by Weenie

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

I've got the Yokozuna on my Red equipped bike, but find the brakes slow to reset. It's both front and rear brakes, but maybe the rears are worse. I hit the brakes and they slowly return to full open position. The pads come off the rim quickly, but then slowly return to full open. Does that make any sense?! I hate it. :cry:

Is it a set-up issue or just a fact with Red brakes?

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by eric01

Have you checked for any tight bends on your cable routing? Might be causing excess friction and creating resistance on the return action.

Don't have red brakes, but on shimano models there is a return spring adjustment. Its really just a black wedge attached to the spring. Flip it around and it compresses the spring a bit more, resulting in a slight increase in spring power.
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by shawneebiker

The brake cable ends on the Yokozuna's are large and fit very tightly into the Red levers. I bet they are not fully recessed and thus causing your issue. I had to really squeeze the levers with the cables attached to get them to fully recess.

I have Red/Yok. set up and the braking is stunning!

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by worstshotever

I've got Campy Record 10, and bought the Yoko Campy set-up. Haven't installed it yet, but fingers crossed.

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by Geoff

I came across this interesting commentary about the cables from Ben Oliver that I thought you guys might find interesting:

"The second question I received had to do with an old post about how I think Yokozuna cables are the best things around. This reader was interested in the difference in weight between the Yokozuna cables and housing and the Dura-Ace cable sets. I gotta say, I really don't know what the difference is but I'm guessing it's not going to be enough for anyone to notice when they're riding their bicycle. These were the cables we used in 2007-08 when the team was on SRAM Red components. When the Red stuff first came out they came with a Gore cable system that had these coated cables. I didn't like these cables because the coating came off really fast and interfered with the shifting. I'm not a big fan of coated cables of any description. because coatings always come off, and those coatings don't just disappear. They clog up your housing. I mean, based on the fact that this reader bothered asking this question I can tell they should probably get those Nokon cable housings and the lightest derailleur cable you can find, which might actually be some sort lower-end Jagwire or something that isn't as tightly wound, thus less raw materials. Seriously, all of the major manufacturers make decent cables. The Campy cables are so slick they will, without fail, slide off of your bench when you are installing them. The D/A stuff is decent, it functions really well and it is pretty light, but those Yoko's just plain work the best. I don't think you can really go wrong with any high-end cable set but if you're seriously counting the grams between the cables your priorities probably aren't quite so sharply focused on function. Just go get yourself a set of Nokons and be happy with how awesome you think it is that your cables are so light. I'm not gonna make any promises with those Nokons though. I've only set one bike up with those and I remember it being a bit ponderous. It looked pretty cool when I was done, and I don't know how well in shifted but they are light. Good luck, and if you're making some sort of crazy ten pound project bike, send me a photo because I love that stuff, but I'd rather take a bit of a weight penalty with the Yokos and not have professional athletes yell at me after bike races because their shifting didn't work to their standards."

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by BrianAllan

I'm installing the Yokozuna reactions tonight with a Campy chorus drivetrain. I'll post my impressions after some miles, relative to PowerCordz and Campy cables.

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by Doolop

Installed yokozuna reaction cables on my addict SL. Had nothing but trouble, the brake cable is way too stiff, oversized and the shift cable is nothing special. replaced my brake cables with my old nokons and everything was perfect.

The only think I was really happy with was the price tag.

I think the dura ace cables are probably higher quality (If you want compressionless braking then get a nokon/i link brake kit to go with them)

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by CippoForLife

Gotta disagree with the above post.
Other than the stiff housing, they shift great, brake great, and look great!
Not super lightweight, but very high performance.

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by etownfwd

Slightly o/t, but does anyone have a pic of the supposedly new "white" housing? I am definitely interested in getting a set, but I'd really rather white cables...


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by 743power

Here is the new white housing. It looks the part and the function is stellar.
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by rhyslewisdavies

have used them for a couple of weeks now on my new sl2 with a mixture of record and chorus 10 speed. they work superbly, i do think that they are better than standard campag cables. they were a bit more trouble to install according to my LBS but they loved the look of them, as do i. cant go wrong with them if you set them up properly

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by pinky

anyone tried to install these on a TT bike? Or a Ridley for that matter? Team is on Ridleys and Yokozuna just set us up with a whole bunch of the new white housing and cables, I'm just a little concerned with how they'll work with the funky routing on a Dean or the 'through-the-headtube' mounts on a Helium.

by Weenie

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by synchronicity

They are very stiff so routing them on a TT frame and/or small frames is not easily done.
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