Have anyone used the Yokozuna reaction cable housing?

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by Rush

Here is the Yokozuna brake housing ferrule in the SRAM Force housing. As you can see, it won't fit

Here is a standard sized ferrule (used for the shifter housing)

Here is the brake housing with no ferrule (fits fine). I note other members have used this solution.

This is my current solution

It's not perfect but I think it will be OK. As far as I can see, the only way to get a Yokozuna brake housing ferrule into the SRAM housing would be to file away the upper edge of the ferrule slot.

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by Rush

Well there is a happy ending. I was testing the brakes before setting off for an installation ride (i.e. squeezing the levers as hard as possible with the bike stationary) and suddenly they went out of adjustment and I had loads of cable slack in the housing.

It turns out that the ferrules ended up working their way into the housing themselves.



The only concern I have now is the length of the rear derailleur housing loop. For the road shifting reaction (and shifting) pack, they supply the following housing lengths:
Front: 4mm x 600mm - 2
Rear: 4mm x 340mm - 1, 4mm x 300mm - 2

So the longest loop you have is a 340 mm length. I know that for SRAM it is often recommended to have a very long rear derailleur housing loop. I'm wondering if the CX or TT (internal) packages would be a better bet, although they are much harder to obtain overseas.

by Weenie

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by nfecyle

That was exactly my problem last night when I installed the brake cable housing. I ended up not using one on my ultegras.

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by rlb81

I began installing these cables in my Ultegra 6700 setup tonight. I also ran into the issue of the brake cable w/ ferrule not fitting into the shifter. I happened to have a spare unused brake cable sitting around, so I ran it through the lever and cable then clamped an old derailleur to the end of the cable (right up against the end of the cable housing). Then I squeezed the lever which pulled the cable into the lever and seated the ferrule.

I suppose I could have skipped the ferrule, but I didn't want to deal with any loss of performance down the road from the cable end potentially deforming. I also wanted to have the housing properly seated from the start so it wouldn't crap out on me in the middle of a descent.

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by doomith

3 rides in with the Yokozuna cables and going well!

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by bigpab

question for yokozuna users
i had my lbs installing the yokozuna cables,in a caad10 2014 model,with 3t carbon bars internal cabling in bars...
the shifters work fine but the front cable when i turn to right or left the cables move the front brake cable resulting in the front brake activation...
i don't know if the lbs has done a dodgy job he seems to think is just the cable won't work with my frame,
i can't ride as its not safe
has anyone heard a similar failure with this cable?

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by Calnago

It's a function of how super stiff the housings are. That and the fact (as shown by others in this thread) that these cables are a pain in the ass to work with with no gain in functionality and possibly worse (as in your case, and mine) caused me to rip them off a brand new TT build I was doing and go with a set of the Shimano polymer cables and housing. Much much better and would never use Yokozuna again. But I wanted to at least give them a try. Experiment over.
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by motorthings

yokozuna shift cables/housings are amazing, but I have not found the brake cables/housings to be worth the hassle of installing.

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by MNX1024

Good chance that your bike shop might've done a dodgy job as I was able to get Yokozuna housing to work properly on my Planet X brakes. People who owns this brake can tell you how sensitive it is to cable housings and centering it. Anyway, most people do not realize about the Yokozuna housings are that they "need" to be pre-bent before working with them. You can't really just install them like any regular housing or you'll be getting a full body workout that might result in a poor installation.

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by ms6073

My experience has been that unless you are running mechanical disc brakes, the Yokozuna brake cables/housings are a bit overkill with little gains in terms of actuation or leverage. Used a set on our disc brake cross bikes and as already mentioned, the oversized ferules paired with Shimano shifters and TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes was a bit tedious to install, especially a full length run of the house to the rear brake where the housing exits from the top of the stay, requiring an upward bend into the caliper which due to the stifness of the housing, was somewhat problematic.
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by Gearjunkie

The key with the Yokozuna brake housing is to get the length right. Too long and, especially, too short and the brake can be actuated.

Once you have them right they are very good and long lasting.

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by bigpab

Thanks for the input
I've some I links and I'll swop the brake cables hopefully it gets sorted.

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by wyz

Sorry to revive this old thread. I am doing some research for cables and YOKOZUNA Reaction seems to be a good option, besides Jagwire link cable and other more expensive options.

Most (if not all) YOKOZUNA posts were posted before 2013, and I can still see some recent posts mentioning Jagwire. I wonder if Yokozuna is still as good in the market as it was in 2012.

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by joejack951

wyz wrote:
Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:28 am
I wonder if Yokozuna is still as good in the market as it was in 2012.
I used some in 2016 to build my Hong Fu FM079-F with TRP HY/RD mechanical disc calipers and Campagnolo Chorus. The biggest problem I had was the internal routing of the brake cables through the Ritchey WCS carbon handlebars. That and getting the calipers aligned. The latter problem was also due to the stiffness of the housing. I couldn't simply loosen the caliper, squeeze the brakes, then tighten the caliper down as I normally due to achieve proper alignment. The stiff housing must have been pushing hard enough on the caliper that it flexed the rotor with the caliper loose on its mount. I had to eyeball things into proper adjustment.

Neither was a huge ordeal so I don't regret the choice at all. Everything in the kit seemed very high quality.

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by PeakBoy

Installed by LBS on my winter bike as part of a TRP HY-RD brake upgrade. Full external installation on a cyclocross frame.
Whole system works very well (inc. the Joejack custom brake parts).
As has been said elsewhere, getting the length right, managing curve radii and cutting the housing neatly are important to optimum performance.

by Weenie

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