Protective film for cable rub areas

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by mtbnoob

What do you guys use to protect against cable rub especially around the head tube and fork area? I can't seem to find anything at the local DIY store that'll fit the bill.

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by ajh

Ski saver is what I use. You can get it in ski or snowboard width. I usually go to the local ski store that also rents skis and pick some up for about 1-2 dollars a foot.

this is the same stuff that is labeled as bike saver but much wider and way cheaper.

It is very thick and can last a long time.

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by Danton

I use those clear tyre patches.

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by aarw

Danton wrote:I use those clear tyre patches.

are they not a bitch to remove?

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by synchronicity

Almost every carbon patch I've tried hasn't worked. They soon peel off due to the stiffness of the carbon. I'm totally fed up with those.

I'm now using a thick transparent vinyl film supposedly made by 3M. You can get a whole sheet with a load of little ovalised protectors & chainstay protectors... you can also cut your own shapes. It's the best thing I've tried yet. The cheapskate lightweight option is electrical tape. :wink:
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by yourdaguy

Helicopter tape works.
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

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by Geoff

+1 for helicopter tape (for leading-edges of helicopter main and tail rotors to prevent particle erosion):

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by Steve_W

Park tool...clear inner tube patches.

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by Danton

aarw wrote:are they not a bitch to remove?

Well since they stay in their place I don't have to remove them 8)

They have changed colour a little from totally clear to yellowed colour so if you have a white frame, watch out. But my R3 frame is black, so you don't notice.

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by strobbekoen

I use BikeShield tape.
As with any protective tape, you have to clean and degrease the frame area well before applying.

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by SL58

Clear patches of course and you can peel it off and fix the flat too :lol: .

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by Waldo

I like this stuff:

It's available in a variety of different sizes and quantities and relatively inexpensive.

It's nice and thin so it is not very visible when used (it's really nice for protecting decals on bikes where the decals are not underneath the clear coat) but seems to be durable thus far.
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by mxfox

I have used this for years, enuff to cover the entire bike ... C_ID=10010
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Strong Bad
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by Strong Bad

The 3M stuff is great. Super durable, stays clear, and stretches to adhere to curves. Also, it can be removed easily and leaves no sticky crap behind.
I bought a 6' x 12" roll of it for $25 or something. It's enough to last me forever.

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by ostetorben

+1 on the helicopter tape (3M and other brands). PLease note that it can be strong enough to also remove your clearcoat...

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