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by KB


I never doubted that. If it's red for Ferrari, how can I argue. But for posing purposes I stick with my selection - I can just see myself riding along the Corso at Manly with the sun glinting on my steed and then having pictures taken with the backdrop of the beach and the ocean. About time I went back to Oz. Next year in Noosa!

Yes, OK your assumption of speed is correct, but Big Ted never rode a red bike apart from his first months as a pro. White, the white and red, and then awful orange.

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by Ye Olde Balde One

Cyco wrote:I dont mind the flame paint jobs, especially for the girls bikes, its hard to get a good pink paint scheme, Pinarello had lots of gos at it and never got them to look any better than ordinary.

Anyway KB, red ones are faster;)

Back in the early 90's Daccordi had a pink flame paint job that was stunning. It looked like you could dip your finger into the paint.

I had one of their frames with a deep plum base, silver and gold "splashes" on top of it. It sounds nasty, but it looked gorgeous, especially with the chrome stay and fork. The paint still looked wet.

Damn I miss that bike (got stolen).
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by limba

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