M2Racer 30g Titanium skewers

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by Try-Athlete

Hello everyone,

Take a look at this... 30g for a pair of titanium skewers.

Here's the link. http://www.m2racer.com/products.php?entry=products&id=17#

Would you use such a skewer? Not sure if I would since a 8mm wrench is not part of my toolkit.

M2Racer Titanium Skewers.gif

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by newbieweenie

We're just getting lazy now. Come on M2Racer, at least try to make them look good. I can sacrifice a few grams to get my bike looking good too.

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

Yeah! Just few beers and piece of paper with pen and they woul look good weight would be even less. Look Tune's...18g...and looking good!

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by cirroc

Wouldn't you want at least a cotter pin in the axel outside the Ti nut just for safety? I'm not sure how reliable that lock washer is given lots of road vibration.

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by rustychain

I have over paid for every bit on my bike. I spent $100 dollars each on water bottle cages for cryin out loud. So i'm a fool but how could anyone pay $58 for a two bolts with washers? Not even polished

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by Luc


Damn light & ugly. :?
Pollice verso.

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