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by blackthunder


has someone experience with this steering/stem cobination? Pictures where is it installed?

Many thanks

Jörg from Germany :o

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by MGS9500

I use the K-sword without the integrated stem. The stem/handlebar combination is simply the ITM stem with the K-sword handlebar. It is not a special stem nor is it preset to the bar. The company has designed this combination as a way to sell the stem and bar as a set without actually bonding the stem and the bar, like Cinelli or FSA.

The stem sold this way can be adjusted to any lenght or angle at the time of purchase. When I asked about the combination, the sales person told me that
he simply takes the ITM stem and the bar and puts them together at the time of sale.

I don't use the ITM stem. I bought the K-sword and use the Ritchey WCS stem. Lighter and it's one I have used with carbon and never had a problem.
Additionally, if I change stem length, this is a cheaper expense.

The ITM K-sword is a great bar, in my opinion. The cables are routed internally and the hand position is flat when riding on the hoods. The brakes have to be set fairly high on the bars, like Armstrong, but I like that position. The reach is OK and the drop about average.

I would buy the bar and use a different stem for weight and cost.

Hope this helps.

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by mises

I just use the bars as well. They are extremely comfortable ergonomically and I can't imagine going back to standard shaped bars after using them for a while. But other than looking cool I don't think there is any advantage in using the ITM stem.

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by Sybarite

I wouldn't recommend using that K-Sword stem. I have bar and stem but chose not to use the stem. It uses an internal expanding pinch clamp mechanism to fasten the bar - like Thomsons for the steer tube. I didn't like to use that on a carbon bar so I use a regular stem instead.

Also, the K-sword stem - despite being carbon, is relatively heavy at over 180gms for 120mm, because of the internal mechanisms. Mag 00s or Deda Einstein, etc are easily under 150gms for the same length.

K-sword bar is very comfortable as stated above.

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