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by Dan

Does anyone know how much less the new record stuff weighs than last years equipment? Essentially as a whole groupo. Thanks


by Guest

50g (der., ergopowers, brakes and BB)
Cranckset: 30g less than previous carbon and 140 g less than alu
Chain: 20g less


by Guest

Not so bad 100 gr over all for a perfekt looking and functioning group :o

What about the new Dura looks like a piece of pooOOoo...hopefully it is lighter...?!
I bet the designer designed the toys "powerrangers" or Transformers before ...urgh it looks so ...buahhhh gimme a break...i dont want a crank that looks like the new klingon flagship on my bike ...NEVER!


by guest

LOL, that's too funny... the new Shimano stuff does look like crap


by HäddaFahn

For all yu shimpanso..err shimano riders ...i heard, that the manual is in klingon language.

klingon lesson one:

Your mother has a smooth forehead! Hab SoSlI' Quch! (Note: this is a powerful insult; don't say it to friends)

Now all reapeat....HAB SoSII' Quch!

One more?


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by Cyco

The new Dua-Ace cranks didn't do much for me when I first saw them, but when you see them on a bike they look a V.nice.

Shimano increased the diameter of the arms to suit the look of modern frames (OS Al and Carbon) and by going hollow they can make them stiffer and lighter.

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