converting shimano to campag... is it possible?

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by newbieweenie

That, I'd like to know about. Because then I could go ahead and order an Ultegra 10 cassette for now to get me through the winter, and then In the meantime, order the spacer kit and rebuild it during my next cleaning.

It would save me on shipping for now as the place I am ordering all my campy stuff from doesn't carry the american classic or wheels mfg. conversion cassette.

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Paco Bonnin
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by Paco Bonnin

Bontrager uses the DT 240 platform for their top of the line wheels. The freehub bodys are interchangeable between Shimano and Campagnolo, but the dish needs to be adjusted slightly as the Campy body is slightly longer.
This might be blasphemy to some but, I have succesfully fitted Shimano 10spd cassettes to Campy Record bikes. The key thing is running a Shimano 10spd chain, as well as a couple other minor tricks. It can be difficult to setup at first, but once done it stays put and the shifting is F1 like :shock: very cool.

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by gandini

The Campy and Shimano 10sp cassettes are different in both cog thickness and spacing, so simply changing the spacers on a DA 10 cassette will not get you a Campy cassette. You can check Sheldon Brown's website for all the dimensions of all cassettes ever made, including 10sp.


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