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by HillRPete

Having recently acquired a nice steel frame (Columbus Genius lugged), I'm thinking about building up an all-italian bike with modern parts. Not sure exactly when it will happen, but one can always start planning, right? Please appreciate that this will not be primarily about being prudent.

So who makes a nice carbon kit? Italian manufacturers preferred.
- Cinelli (Neos?)
- Deda (Superleggera? but no matching seatpost?)
- 3t (although my race bike will get a 3t alu kit this year, so preferably looking elsewhere)

Edit: - Fizik, of course they are in that game now too. Really like how well organised their product line is.

Anyone else? Seems ITM just doesn't have the classy looks of the above. Really liking the Cinelli style best, so far.
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by Wester-Ross

Modolo, WR Composti

I think the Curvissima bend of the Modolo is just great, however they only seem to make an integrated setup now, but that might work for you. They have a matching seatpost.

If you are going electronic then you have to go campy, but if mechanical then Miche Supertype would be different, with either matching wheels or some hoops from Ursus or Ambrosio.

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by carbonLORD

3T gets my vote. Some Rotundo's on an ARX LTD stem.

Keep in mind some of these companies no longer make anything in Italy including 3T. Its just heritage now but I have them on my (made in Italy) C59 and have no issues with their design, weight, or performance.

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by spytech

I got the deda Superleggera 35 bars its 187g for a size 46. stem was a porky 150g for 130mm

deda does make a Superleggera seatpost.

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by XCProMD

WR Compositi does manufacture in Italy. Extralite is another made in Italy option.

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by deltree

Unless I'm mistaken, Extralite don't produce a carbon stem, nor do they make road handlebars. But I do third the WR Compositi option. Can only remember seeing a WR cockpit once in the flesh. Pretty unique option in my opinion.

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by drainyoo

There is also Most, the Pinarello brand. They make some nice stuff, but it seems like people only run them on Pinarellos. I say, screw that, install what you want.
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by Stolichnaya

Harder to find, but Selcof makes/made some nice stems, bars and posts.

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by kgt

+1 on WR Compositi. Selcof is closed unfortunately...

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by Wederkinck

I think the new Fizik Cyrano stuff looks pretty cool.

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by fogman

See which bars fit your hands the best and go from there. I like the feel of the 3T Ergonvova the best.
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by Valbrona

HillRPete wrote:Please appreciate that this will not be primarily about being prudent.

I like your style.

An Italian cockpit would go nice with some SRAM.

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by VTBike

Deda gets my vote. The superleggero/leggera stem/post combo is beautiful, and their bars are fantastic too. The superlegerra bar has issues, but the presa is fantastic. If you needed a zero setback post, the dritissimo is fantastic, and can be lightened up quite a bit.

Also, Deda just sounds the most italian (except for compositi!). 3T just doesn't look/sound like anything special IMO. Sorry.

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by HillRPete

Yeah thanks, well plans have changed, building a Scapin Columbus Spirit frame now with Deda Dark Metal kit.

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by jrmynthn

Another vote for the Fizik Cyrano. The R1 line is beautiful and feels great.

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