De Rosa Merak Evolution 2012 vs. Bianchi Sempre Pro 2013

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by Frolle


I am close to buying a new bike, as my old one was stolen.

I have narrowed it down to the above two, which I have found online at a nice discount.

Both come with complete Campagnolo Athena groupset. The De Rosa comes with Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels and the Bianchi comes with Fulcrum Racing Quattros.

The price is the same.

Please let me know what you think.

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by Miller

I haven't ridden either bike and you may struggle to find anyone who has ridden both and can make a comparison for you. If you've got as far as narrowing the choice down to two bikes then you do know what you're looking for. It's unlikely either will disappoint so you're going to have to trust your own judgement.

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by Timujin

I've always owned DeRosa's (5 in total)... Currently have the Merak, beautiful ride.... Like Miller said, you will struggle to find someone who has ridden then both enough to give you a in depth opinion.

After care wise, I have nothing but praise for De Rosa. Ive had spare parts sent to me, for example my most recent was a slightly bent hanger, my fault, they replaced it for free, shipped from Italy...

The Athena Groupset is very good. I have the super record on my Merak but I transferred the Athena that came with to my Milanino as its my training bike. Absolutely perfect shifting...Mine also came with Fulcrum 5's. standard wheelset for training, wouldn't think too much about them... if you race or sportives, go bora.. depending on which colour scheme you have on the merak, if white and red looks the bizz...

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by nickl

I had a Merak Evo. It was a great bike (until it got hit by a car). I'd imagine it is a bit sportier than the Sempre?

The only downside to the Merak was that the (nonstandard) seatpost is pretty short (at least in the small size). I could have done with another couple of cms, but I never did look into trying to get an extended one.

I always got good comments about the bike - it was noticed a lot more than my current Wilier Cento SR1. I think it rode better than the Wilier too (though the Wilier sprints better).

I'd buy one over the Bianchi for sure.

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