New Zipp bars. Which one to choose?

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Max Gravity
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by Max Gravity

If you are not a "barbender" I'd say you will have no problem with SL.
However I have only tried to twist them in a shop, not possible.

I'm 94kg and not that fat... (honest) and I'm going to buy the SL traditional when they start to be available.
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by Waldo

I know that quoting is sometimes frowned upon here, particular in longer messages, so I'll try to get everyone individually here-if I missed your question please feel free to let me have it.

timsterc, you're welcome. As I said, this should be straightforward and without unexpected delay so I am fairly confident in my estimate of delivery. That said, today we found out our shipment of sweaters is delayed because the "made in China" sticker was not as prominently displayed as the fine folks at US Customs would prefer, and a recent handlebar shipment was held as well. It also depends on size and backorders in your size/bend preference-I hope Starnut doesn't kill me if he runs into me at one of the tradeshows as he has been waiting on one of our SLs for quite some time. :oops:

Ypsylon, well played. :lol:

Max Gravity and tottitotti, the SL and SLC versions with the new bends have already passed internal and external testing and are en route, though they are slowly trickling in and not yet in all size and bend combinations. I haven't had the time lately to check and see what our delivery status is on these, so I'm sorry I can't be more specific as to when we will have good quantities on-hand.

As an aside, the intent was to release each of the new bars simultaneously, but we needed to re-work the tooling for the Contour due to its unique geometry and hence it is a bit behind the other bars.

tottitotti, the main difference between the SLC and the SL (aside from laminates) is that on the SLC, the oversize clamping area extends further along the width of the bar. This, in conjunction with some laminate manipulation, allows us to increase stiffness (I believe it was on the order of 10% stiffer in torsion but do not have numbers on this computer so don't hold me to that figure) and allow the use of clip-on aero bars with the SLC. I realize the aero bars do not seem to be a consideration for you but thought I would mention it in case anyone else was wondering. In terms of stiffness relative to the Deda, I have yet to test it so I cannot shed any light on that. I know that the SLC is the stiffest bar I have tested, including most of the more popular models out there, and the SL was the next-stiffest. I'll see if I can post the data at some point-there was not much of a difference between the stiffer bars, but there is a more significant difference between them and some of the lighter bars on the market, not to mention one of the most discussed bars. The SL actually has a better stiffness-to-weight ratio than the SLC or any other bar I have tested, for those that are concerned with that figure.

At your weight and given your intended usage, the SL would certainly be more than adequate.

I hope that answered everyone's questions.
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Waldo wrote:I hope Starnut doesn't kill me if he runs into me at one of the tradeshows as he has been waiting on one of our SLs for quite some time. :oops:


Patience is one of my better virtures..........................

I'll settle for dinner at interbike and maybe some Spearmint Rhino action :lol:.

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by CharlesM

I'm In!

T if they have a set in Indi when I'm there, I will make sure they ship em!

to me :twisted:

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by tottitotti

Thanks for the reply Waldo. I think I will go for the SL bar.
Will there be any new stem from Zipp?

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by Waldo

Great picture, Starnut. I ought to be in Vegas so we'll see what we can do to make things up to you.

Pez, when are you coming to town?

tottitotti, you're welcome. As far as the stem goes, we're always working on new things but that doesn't necessarily mean you will see anything anytime soon. 8)
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by XL_Carbon

I've added two new parts for my upcoming new frame. I'm very excited about these updated parts...I anticipate that they will be very good performers in stiffness and durability.

Last Friday I got a new 08 Zipp 145 stem (new graphics and same design as last year) and today a new 08 Zipp SL Short and Shallow bar. The stem is 110mm OS @ 152-153g and the bar is 42 SS @ 177-178g. (Scale's jumping between two sets of numbers; wish I could afford a more accurate one.) The weight for both bar/stem is 330g. That's a respectable weight. I know that both products are over claimed weight, but maybe that's a good thing. I'll take more weight any day over claimed as it may also mean more durability in the long run.

Appearance: both new graphics on stem and bar go very nice together and matches the Vuma Quads. The new Z design on all three parts makes the entire package come together. I'm liking it! But what's odd is while both stem and bar is 1k carbon weave (only around the clamping area, rest of bar is uni-directional), the Vuma is a 3k weave. Design-wise a consistent look would have been more aesthetically appealing but there must have been reasons why Zipp decided this looked better. I'm not complaining just the opposite. I've grown to like the different weaves. Doubt others will feel the same, but I like it.

Anyway, I won't have any first impression about feel, comfort, and performance until my new frame comes in, built up, and test ridden. Will post soon (hopefully).
Vuma Quads.jpg
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Shop Wrench
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by Skorp


I have the possibility to make some good offers on Zipp handlebars. Mostly with traditional geo.
What is the lightest Zipp handlebars available?
Which is the best to your flavour?

I currently ride a Ritchey WCS Evolution, and i think i would like shorter reach than that.. I think the reach is 83mm.
The weight on my current bar is 225g, i would like to save some grams offcourse! :mrgreen:

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by jason9020

I own the SLC in the Short and Shallow Drop, which I've seen weighed a couple times on this forum for close to 175 grams.

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by Skorp

Is the SLC2 V2 the same bar? EDIT: its not, claimed weight 195g
How is the flex?

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