Looking for a light Shimano 10 speed block

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by eurostar

Can anyone recommend a lightweight Shimano-compatible 10 speed block?

I see a lot of people have one from Tiso. Do they last long? How good is the shifting? And does anyone know which Shimano 10 speeds are available? I've looked on the Tiso site but it doesn't make much sense to me. Have a look at this. It says they do Shimano 10 speeds, but doesn't say how many teeth, just that they are a Mavic version. Eh? http://www.tisobike.it/road/road_sprock ... hings.html

by Weenie

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by p.toth

I bought a special edition of the german "tour magazin" today, which is called "Rennrad Markt 2005". I found there on page 152 a "Kocmo 10 Speed TI 11-23" Cassette, the weight is 128 g, price is 254,95. It is a new 6Al 4V Titan Cassette, spare-sprockets are available (weight is said to be 35 percent less than DuraAce 05).

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by jer

I too am looking for a light weight shimano 10spd. 11-25 for racing use only.

IRD makes an aluminum one but I have no idea of its performance. Claimed weight is 127g. It's not on their site yet. Price should be the same as Campy, $249.

Recon ?
Spada ?
Tiso ?
Zerolite ?
Interloc (IRD)
B-T-P has one on their website 169.- €
Cycle Dynamics -- Ti only, no 10 spd.
American Classic -- no longer produced, never made 10 spd

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by Dellucci

Hi Jer I think that it depens what you will make with it, races,every day rids or what...... .If it´s only for races you´ll the lightest one, but for every day rides you´ll better take something like the Tune "Rasselbande" who you can surely use for races too.
PS:hope you´ll find the right one for you.

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by Oswald

Does anyone have any experience with the 9speed alu Recon? I can order them thru the shop I work at, but would like to know how they shift and how long they last compared to Dura Ace cassettes...

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by hawkpower

i have this one for sale 12-25 Shimano new € 110,--

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by jmh

Is that a 10 Speed cassette? What are the 4 largest cogs coated with?

by Weenie

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