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by xnavalav8r

I have a Morati SC 1.3. It's a unique bike made in the Czech Republic. Handmade Ti frame and Ti fork. Dura Ace 7800. Easton cockpit. FSA SLK crankset. It's a really beautiful bike and very comfortable to ride. I don't know how many were actually produced. I bought it from the Morati rep after he displayed it at Interbike a couple years ago. I've never seen another one. What's unique about it are the disc brakes. The frame uses standard 130mm rear hub spacing. The only wheels I know of with a 130mm hub and disc brakes are the Easton (Velomax) Sagittas that I purchased with the frameset. But the wheels are boat anchors. Sure, they are plenty strong for 'cross racing... their intended use. But they are less than inspiring on anything resembling a hill. I'd like to build a lighter set of wheels, but can't find a suitable hub. My thought was to find a decent hubset and then lace them up to a lighter rim using bladed or oval spokes. Aerodynamics doesn't really matter much though when you consider the beefy pipes making up the fork. Anyone have any suggestions?

by Weenie

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by JK

You might want to check out DT disc hubs.

The only difference between 130 and 135 DT non disc hubs is the end cap. The end cap of a 135 hub can easily be replaced by a 130 end cap, it just pops off.

What I do not know if DT disc hubs offer the same feature. If they do, and if the disc interface is at the distance to the centerline it is supposed to for 130 disc hubs, a range of light disc hubs opens up for you.

Perhaps someone else knows more. If not, you could mail DT.

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by Skillgannon

What about relacing the hub to a nicer rim, like the American Classic Magnesium if you can find it as an individual rim, for example, or Edge i.38's perhaps, if your budget can stretch that far.
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by Praha19300

Morati were a very special bike , thanks to the Honeywell Corporation no longer produced.

You could always get a second one with Canti's:

Ebay Artikelnummer: 200204700424

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by collideous

Check out Novatec.

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by EuroMack

A competent bike shop can spread a ti frame from 130 to 135mm and realign the dropouts. So, you can use MTB hubs if you prefer them.

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by 2 wheels

xnavalav8r wrote:The only wheels I know of with a 130mm hub and disc brakes are the Easton (Velomax) Sagittas that I purchased with the frameset.

There's also FSA RD-460: ... 67&pid=114

A high performance, disk ready, road wheelset is truly living ahead of its time...

On sale for 209.27 EUR here: ... tnerID=371

Bontrager also used to make the Select Disc Road wheelset in 130 mm spacing, but I'm not sure they still do: ... 39&id=3944

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by iansir

Phil Wood

Only $459 and 549 grams :)
Save the weight at the rim

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by rayhuang

I love that bike. I am plannng on having a local custom builder make me a SS Cross bike with disc brakes. A real mud-fest bike!!

What about keep the rear hub and replace the front hub, alum or Sapim Laser/CX-Rays spokes and tubular box rims? That might be a 400 gram savings right there.

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by Cheers!

Chris King Universal discs can be configured to 6 bolt IS brake and 130mm.

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by synchronicity

Can't help you with the wheelset - just wanted to say that's a LOVELY bike! 8)
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by xnavalav8r

Thanks for all the ideas so far. I've been in touch with Chris King, American Classic, Hope, WTB, Phil Wood, and a few others. They all told me pretty much the same thing... they don't make a 130mm disc hub, and those who make a 135 with a removable endcap wouldn't be able to get the rotors spaced properly in the caliper to make them compatible with my rig. I took a look at the FSA wheelset listed above, but it doesn't offer any significant weight savings. I would consider relacing the rear hub to a lighter rim with lighter spokes, but the hub is straight pull. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get custom cut, straight pull spokes to build up to a lighter rim. To be honest, while I consider myself a very good mechanic, I don't know squat about wheelbuilding. It sure would be nice to get a lighter set of hoops together for this bike though...

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by Stern

I went through this issue recently. I just spaced my 130 mm frame out to a 135mm to use Chris King ISO disc hubs. There are many many 135mm hubs available but nothing much for 130mm OLD.

Oh, I didn't even space my frame out using the cold-setting procedure. I just popped my wheel in after pulling the stays apart.

by Weenie

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by the Repeater

You should have a look at your brake tab mounts and clearances.

I would go with whatever hub you like and file the 1mm down you need if you have it. It would be much easier to make the wheel fit the bike than the other way round, in this case.

Get what you like, get the 130mm spacers, make it work. I guarantee it will be easier than they say it will be, and maybe even more than you are thinking.

....Another thing to try would be to fit a 135mm wheel into your frame. It may be easily enough fit into the frame without cold setting, simply pulling the dropouts wide enough to fit the wheel. This is a safe practice, if it will work with your brake mounts (and maybe a brake mount shim.)
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