Best latex tube - which one?

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by nayr497

I had a double puncture on a Vredestein tube on my rear wheel. Couldn't find any debris in the tire and tire looks to have plenty of life left. So, I was thinking it must be a rim/spoke issue, as I've had a rash of Vredestein blowouts in the past 1.5 years. Was thinking I got a bad batch. Or the wheel had an issue.

Well, I installed a Vredestein butyl tube and have put in two rides. Has me thinking it's NOT a wheel issue, unless butyl is that much stronger/tougher than latex.

I have a ton of blowouts at the valve seam, never sorted it out beyond a bad batch of tubes. Had to admit it, but all this hassle has me reconsidering latex tubes. (I painstakingly install them, so I really don't think it's user error.)
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