campy ut chorus 10 speed question

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by digitalnorbs

Just took apart the cranks to find the washer on the drive side broken in two, can I put the cranks back on or do I need some thing there?

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by garyh

Which washer? Is it the wavy washer? If so it should have been on the non-drive side.

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by bikerjulio

Gary is correct. NDS should have had wavy washer and DS should have the spring clip. If you are not sure about all this, check the campy website - tech docs.

Between them they preload the bearings, locate them, and take up any side to side play.

For temporary use, you could probably ride without, but you'll hear the play when standing on the pedals, so I'd minimize that.

Parts are available online. Bikeman is a good US source.
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by digitalnorbs

thanks guys, I too did some digging, no washer or any thing else should have been there, its now out, and my cranks spin SO MUCH better now!!! thanks

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by kman

Make sure you have the wavy washer on the other side though or you'll get side-to-side play in the cranks/bb as mentioned.
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