Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by theloper

I am building a new bike with the parts off my current ride. I am currently on a Time VXR and have loved the way it rode. My problem with Time is I had a very bad experiance with them over a warrenty issue. I am afraid if I ever have a issue with the frame i would have to deal with their horrible cust. service dept. again. From a look perspective the Time is the easy winner for me.

The Cervelo is probably a faster bike due to the aero effect. I do like the stealth look but heard they ride a bit harsh.

I live in south Florida so most of what I ride on is flat and rolling. I travel up north FL. to do some climbing every now and then. I am 6' and about 190 lbs. and am considered a sprinter due to my BMX backround.

What ever I build will be with my old stuff (full D/A group/Zipp 404 tubulars/ Selle Italia SLR saddle/Time RXR carbon /ti pedals.


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by MaaseyRacer

I would get the SLC-SL, as I have been to north florida and it is not really climbing.
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by linus

IMHO, SLC-SL a lot better bike than Ulteam. FWIW, SLC-SL is a lot stiffer than Ulteam

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by justkeepedaling

The SLC-Sl is a much better bike, personally. It is stiffer and very aero. It is a little rough over the bumps, some call it harsh, but it is certainly manageable. I like comfortable bike rides, but i like fast ones more. And if you're on flat nice roads, you are in the slc-sl's element

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by Jeff

SLC-SL !!!

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by jbbikerider

I've owned and ridden both and I would pick the SLC-SL every time. Not even close in ride comparison. PM me if you want more info.

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by maverick_1

FYI, i'm on the ULTEAM

SLC-SL is definitely stiffer and lighter than the ULTEAM, but then again, we shouldn't judge a frame by measurement of its stiffness alone (correct me if i'm wrong :oops: )

for the ULTEAM, it's a mixture of stiffness and comfort.

happy riding :)

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