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by spud

I would try removing the insole, then notching the outer diameter of each flange nut with a small drill bit, or perhaps hitting it on edge with a small screw driver Then you have something you can engage with a pin tool or similar device. Also, lube the threads with liquid wrench or some such lubricant.

Once apart, I would pot the flange nuts with heavy epoxy to keep them from rotating next time

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by NWSAlpine

I am going to try some speedplay pedals to replace my Look keo2 max pedals. I have noticed a few time that the front bumper catches the pedal and I have trouble clipping in fast. With the cleat placement forward there is little room. Well I am using this as an excuse to buy new pedals.

Anyways what is the best mounting method on the new vaypors for speedplay cleats. Should I just use the adaptor plate and be done or should I drill new holes and use the metal carbon sole protector plate and new t nuts for a straight on 4 hole attachment.

I also plan to get some ward Ti spindles in size 56mm.

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by jspaceman

So, I sent my Bont Vaypor size 46 shoes back, as they were a little too small. I ordered some size 47 Vaypors from the same online shop. Today I received an email telling me that there aren't any size 47 Vaypors left in stock and that I'll have to wait until January before they get some new ones in. :evil:

I'm thinking of cancelling the order and placing an order directly with Bont. That would also give me the added option of ordering them in the custom colours that I want.

Bont's website, however; is a little vague about shipping. It just says that all orders are shipped via FedEx. Has anyone here ordered from Bont directly? How much did it cost to ship to the US or Canada? Did FedEx charge you brokerage fees, or were those already included in the cost of shipping?


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by darkhorse1

Forgive me if this has come us before but i have tried to search function with little luck regarding this.

Here is my question. I wear a size 45 specialized s-works road shoe which are a touch big a size 44.5 would likely be ideal as a 44 may be a tough to tight, I was wondering if any on here have a direct sizing comparison of these shoes i.e. if a 44.5 specialized what would this be in the vaypors? And also what about the width? Apparently i have narrow feet as there is room in my s-works, are the bonts narrower or wider?

Thanks for your time and replies


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Giant DK
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by Giant DK

I use Specialized size 43 and am currently on Bont size 42. Size 42,5 would probably be better for two reasons. First size 42 is a tight fit, and I had to heat them many times to expand them so they could fit. Also and can't get my Look cleats as much forward as I would like. With Speedplay that was not a problem though...

So what I am trying to say is, that I think for my feet Bont should be half a number smaller (my feet are pretty slim).
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by Krackor

I used to wear a gen 1 Specialized S-works shoe (with the single boa lace, large flap across the instep, silver color) in size 45. I tried several sizes of Bont A-two (essentially same shoe as the Vaypor, but different closure system) and found the 45 to be the closest fit for me. In hindsight, I could have gone for the 45-wide instead and it would have fit better.

Are your specialized shoes too long? Too wide? Too high? If they are too long, then the 44.5 Vaypors might work for you. My 45 Specialized were the right length for me, and the 44.5 A-two was just barely too short. If they are too wide (would be surprising considering the recent models of Specialized are somewhat narrow), then Bonts may just be too wide in general for you; their standard sizes run wider than Specialized.

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by mxdclt


I have ordered Bont shoes directly from their website. The shipping fees to southern US were very reasonalble at $25. I had an issue with my shoes that caused me to send them back and their customer support was very good also, always replying quickly and very helpful. I would not hesitate to order from their site. The only downside is that the shipping method they use, it will take roughly 10 days from when they ship it until you receive it. Hope this helps.

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by jspaceman

Turns out that I won't have to wait until January afterall. I received an email saying that my Bonts shipped on Monday. It turns out that the online retailer received an unexpected shipment from Bont which contained some size 47-Wide Vaypors, so they sent a pair to me. I hope they fit this time.

I currently own a pair of Sidi Dominator Mega mountain bike shoes in a size 46, and a pair of Shimano road shoes in a 46. It's been my experience that the Bonts tend to fit small. I had the size 46-Wide Bont Vaypors and my toes felt a little crunched up inside. If the 47-Wide Bonts are too big then I'll try the 46.5-Wide instead.

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by baalzamon

I finally got my Bont Vaypor wide in 45's. Couldn't get my foot into them without heat molding so in they go. Feet are finally feeling OK except for one section on both my feet. I'm getting marks on some of my toes and it seems to be coming from the tongue flap just past the stitching. In my bonts I can feel where the end of the tongue is glued to the top and I believe that is causing my marks on both my right and left toes, and exposed stitching on the left shoe.
Anyone else getting this?
I've asked someone local and his vaypors don't feature that, so I'm wondering if mine are missing something and I've got a warranty claim in the pipeworks.

I might add within 5 minutes of wearing the shoes these indentations on my toes occur and yes it does hurt

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by zerocool5468

i've got some 3 hole bont vaypors and am a speedplay user. i would like to avoid using the speedplay adapter since it adds so much stack height. i came across the northwave speedplay adapter that adds virtually no stack height. has anyone or does anyone know if these can be used on bonts?

if not is the only alternative to drill a new hole?


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by 5 8 5

zerocool5468, the Northwave Extreme Tech shoes that the Speedplay adapter is designed for have 3 slots in the sole to hold it. If the Bonts only have the Look pattern holes it won't fit without modification.
Northwave Extreme Tech.jpg

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by zerocool5468

hmm ok how would i know if they are look drilled or not- ive never used looks.

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by 5 8 5

This should clarify it. Look pattern is also known as the standard 3 hole pattern.
Northwave Extreme Tech 2.JPG

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by zerocool5468

i see thank you.

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by shimmeD

I am using the Northwave adapter, and had to drill all 3 holes (Size 39 shoes) which anyone with limited handy-person skills can do. I cut up the Northwave triangular plastic with the 'nuts' and just used the nuts (because this has been specifically designed to fit the Northwave shoes, which will not feel nice from the soles of your feet if left intact). On the outside of the shoes the adapters are not a perfect fit (because of the shape of the underside of the Bont), but the 0.5mm stack (being just the thickness if the stainless steel plate) achieved is what I am statisfied with.

For me, really, using the 3mm (or more) plastic or alloy adapters supplied by Speedplay defeats the very reason of going with Speedplay pedals viz minimal stack. And I've found Speedplay-specific shoes hard to come by and costing a lot more. I will go this same way on my next pair of Bont, if faced with the same Bont-supply situation.

Riv-nuts that Bont supply, may work better as far as regards to securing the cleat to the shoe.

The 3 slots on the Northwave shoe are specific to the Northwave adapters. The 3 holes I drilled on my Bont are in lieu of those slots, also meaning that there is no fore-aft adjustment also ie you've got to know where you want your cleat. You get some sideways adjustment on your Speedplay cleat of course.

I consider myself a medium level handy-person and I did it all no-sweat. On the other hand, I won't put it past the average shoe-maker to botch it all up!

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