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by bobalou

Villadsen wrote:
I assume you're speaking from experience?

Yea, I do.

Did you actually buy this with your own money?

you're saying you can get a standard chain lifespan from this chain that will be the first time I've heard someone claim that

Well I do. How many did you talk to who actually has this chain? The main parts are made out of steel just like any other Wippermann. I cant see why it would last any shorter than an ordinary chain.

Zero directly. Never knew anyone willing to justify spending on it. Some rich dude through the lbs put one on his bike I heard it was replaced along with the rear cassette before it hit fifteen hundered miles. The premature wear ruined the cassette, a worn chain will do that. I've also heard about it in the magazines and in forums like this one! I recall because I was interested when it first came out but after the reviews and advice, I stayed away.

It's not the steel links that are the problem, the Ti rollers wear too fast. Shouldn't come as a surprise, Ti is great in frames, etc., but not as good a material choice in parts that wear. You put the chain checker to check wear, between <i>the rollers</i> .. need I say more.

I've heard they shift crappy too
I shifts just as good as any other Wippermann chain.
Either way, can you justify spending $300 bucks for a chain that's about 20g lighter, if at all?

Read my first post a bit further up. Then you will know the answer.

I also find that this can be an individual thing, what someone considers shifting fine is a bit subjective .. and maybe someone that bought the chain is more likely to defend it. Also, it's very possible to use a chain well beyond it's lifespan. Many riders do without even knowing it. It's because the cogs and rings will wear with the chain. see: http://www.velonews.com/tech/report/art ... 457.0.html That's what happend to the guy I referred to earlier, he used it too long.

Good for you if your experience is as you say. Who knows, maybe wippermann changed materials or hardened the rollers after the first year or something.

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by Villadsen

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by bobalou

The fox was obviously not a WW. :lol: That's a fine story but the chain is lousy for any amount of money, IMHO.

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

I have C10 Ultra chain. 148g and 40€. Wears slow...Why try anything else?

Standard C10 is +10g and -10€. But 10€ difference for least 300 hours riding...

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by Adri

So the Ti chain has no real advantages over normal chains.. if I understand correctly. Good thing I didn't buy one when I had the chance then :wink:

I wonder how the new chain KMC is bringing out, will do. They will bring out a chain with titanium-nitride coated links to replace their Gold series.
Now, titanium-nitride coating is a thing that seriously lenghtens the life of sprockets, chainrings and fork stanchions.. so I am curious what it will do to the chains life although I fear it's the rollers and bushings they should harden, not the links' surface :?:
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by autocutter

C10 Ultra chain. 148g

148 grams? More like 260 grams don't you mean? You can get a Sram 89-R Hollow Pin-same weight for $46(35 euro) and you don't need a campy tool either. Then there is the connex 1011-pricey, but still cheaper than the Wippermen Ti. Most lightweigth chains seem to come out at 245-252 grams when fitted to the bike. The only time I have seen someone use a Wippermen Ti has been on light show bikes. Still if I could afford the chain, I would try it out with a full Ai cassette

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

I re-weighted my previous chain, C10. It is 256g when even dirty. I remember that Ultra was only 10g lighter. So with new connecting pin, it's ~248g. (cutted for 39/53+12-23 setup)

And you don't really need Campy tool but it's best what you can get anyway. For any chain....

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by zoey

My C10 Ultra with Connex link.

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