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by Mahoney

How does one go about getting a skinsuit?
I rather like my perrl izumu microsensor shorts and Ideally I would like to get an all black skinsuit based on these shorts. Any thoughts, should I buy the bibs and a jersey and have a taylor morph the two into one?

El Mahone
El Mahone

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by uphillisgood

Click here for skinsuits currently listed on eBay.

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by zoey

uphillisgood wrote:Click here for skinsuits currently listed on eBay.

Yuck used cycling shorts :oops:

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by furge

Give the guys at Squadra a call. They are the custom divison of Castelli and usually have solid color skinsuits available. They might even make one for you if you ask nicely. Talk to Greg Rotbart he is the sales guy.

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by sharkman

don't like the quality and fit of the castelli stuff (allthought not expensive). Like the adidas skinsuits (out of production I believe) and even better the ones of Assos (however too much money for what you get)

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by cougie

Skinsuits are good for racing in, but not much else. No pockets ?

Having to unzip the top to go to the loo ?

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