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by Johnny

Does anyone own these or know how good they brake? I wanna take weight off with my brakes but dont know if I'll sacrific alot of stopping power. I have Dura-ace right now, so hows stopping power compared to those or similar brakes? Thanks for any help.


by Johnny

Also, does anyone know how they compare to Cane Breek 200sl calipers, or has anyone tried these brakes? Thanks.

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by popawheelie

I have the Cane creek and the Dura-ace.
The main dif. is theat the Dura-ace is a dual pivot type brake
and the Cane creek is a single pivot brake.
The dual pivot increases leverage on the rim.
How much do you do down hills where you have to brake alot?
How much do you use your brakes to stop in an emergency type situation?
I don't need either of those. I'm usually trying to keep up with or rip the legs off of the guys with me.
I use brakes to slow for stopping and to slow behind someone in the pack.
But only to slow!
If you want to stop on a dime then keep the dura-ace.
But they are HEAVY!

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