Jagwire braided housing & cable kits for road

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by jz4nyc

Anyone use the "Hyper" or "Racer" housing & cable kits? Experience/opinions on either?

I am interested in one of their braided color options, but have never had experience with either of those Jagwire products.

Thanks for any tips/info.

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by bricky21

I've used the Jagwire racer cables before(Sram and Shimano drive trains). If the installation is good they're just as good as anything else no gimmicks just quality stainless steel cables and compressionless outers , and they're relatively cheap :thumbup: .

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by jz4nyc

thanks. am using for shimano. so long as good as oem, that's all i care about.

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by Rick

I am using Racer with Sram Force. Works fine. I thin the jagwaire "Ripcords" are a step-up, with teflon coated cables.
After installation I messed up my derailleur cable and replaced it with a jagwire teflon coated one (bought individually), and it improved things a bit. Bottom line is that jagwire works as well as OEM.

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by jz4nyc

jagwire website says ripcord for mountain bike only. no?

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by clarkson

jz4nyc wrote:jagwire website says ripcord for mountain bike only. no?

The ripcord kit comes with ferrules and liners to create a semi-sealed system. it'll work fine on a road bike, but some would consider the additional cable liner superfluous. If you ride in gross stuff, it may be additionally beneficial.

In general, jagwire stuff is great. In a lot of cases, it IS the OEM stuff that came with your bike.

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by exhibitx

Their cable kits are great.

Also, the racer kits now come with the teflon coated inners.

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by topflightpro

I am running the Racer sets on two bikes right now - both with Force. I've had them on there about a month and am very happy so far.

I previously used Yokozuna, but they were such a PIA to install, I decided to try Jagwire. Also, Jagwire was about $10 cheaper per set.

I like how Jagwire sets up the brake housing with the lack of external casing at the shifter and under the tape. I also am very pleased with how well the housing cut. Using just Park cable cutters, I got a near perfect cut. With the Yokozuna, each cut required additional filing to smooth out the housing.

And my wife is quite happy as well because Jagwire offers the housing in a variety of colors. I put a stainless silver housing on her bike.

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