anyone experience with a scott c 1 out there?

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by Wolfie


I have had my hands on a scott C 1 a few days ago, man, that thing IS light.
Anyone of you weightweenies out there have one yet and can say a few words about it?
Price in europe will be around 2150 euros for the frameset and 3000 euros for the bike with ultegra parts, the guy from scott europe said. He recommended to go for the complete bike and sell the parts over ebay, where they should sell for more thay the difference if you only need the frameset.

by Weenie


by HäddaFahn


There are two different Cr1s. The pro and the team issue. They sell the Pro as fully equiped bike. They use different carbon strings and its a little heavier (about 150gr) Not sure about the stiffness though.

The team is stiff 90NM at the bottom and 70NM in the head.
The team issue is available as a frameset with two diff forks to choose. The aero fork is better for all day use cause its real stiff. The light fork is a little flexy and better for lighter racers.

Its alot stiffer than the storck light or any other coca-cola can... :lol:

I got my cr1 team issue for 1989 Euros... :shock:
Its a hell of a frame.


by simonali

I have the Ultegra equipped C1. Lovely bike. i have only changed the tyres so far, as the rest is good enough for me. Nice stiff, responsive frame which climbs well and descends solidly for such a lightweight. It is just under the 8kg mark with the lighter tyres and SPD-SL pedals. :D


by Guest

@ Haddafan:

Where did you get C1 Team Issue for that price? What was included in the kit? Wait for me, I'm arriving...!



by HäddaFahn

I think i posted the link before. Its a shop in Germany...
They possibly ship things to USA...but yu gotta ask, thats what they say in their AGBs.

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