New Zero G brakes!!!

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by Danton

Read closer, XL: he's selling them!

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by XL_Carbon

Danton wrote:Read closer, XL: he's selling them!

D'oh! I should have scrolled down more. Rather odd he posted the pix here tho.

Thanks Danton.

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Reading back to people's reactions to Sasha's posts. It's always sad when someone on a web forum dares to deviate from the general line of opinion on a forum, especially when questioning a 'senior' poster, and they find them self subjected to sustained criticism from numerous different posters, often behaving impolitely.

Why not just let Pez speak for himself, rather than rallying round like a bunch of heavies?

Forums become useless when everyone beds down and agrees with each other to the extent that any new or controversial opinions are immediately knocked down by several people ganging up. Voices of dissent are pushed out, new people that don't agree with the general opinions are put off from joining and the forum becomes stagnant. I've been seeing this for over ten years.

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by XL_Carbon

Hi Euro,

If Rastapopoulos was put off by me saying something off handed (if it sounded that way), I apologize...after looking at his post the first time, I mistakenly thought he posted it to show us his new acquisition and I, like most, was delighted to see it. Of course, I didn't scroll down the post to notice that he was selling it. And so, I wonder why he posted it here. Well, it really doesn't matter why but he did post it in the for sale section. :) Anyway, weird how somethings happen.


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by kerry71

Reviving an old post here, but I got these for my Tarmac SL2 a couple years ago as a gift to myself when I came home from Iraq. I can proudly say that although my Tarmac may never be as fast as Toom Boonan's was, it could stop faster (and looks cool doing it). Oh, and they match the Salsa red anodized skewers very nicely.

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