New Zero G brakes!!!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by CharlesM


Add a little beef but still light...

You'll see em on Pez shortly.


520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

how are those cranks coming :? ?

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by scott97

Cool! Can't wait to read the write up.

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by Skunk

Negative G, interesting name.

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by Orca

Those are the 2008 models, yes?
Did they need to be beefed-up?
How much heavier are they, now?
Looking forward to your review!
I was just about to buy the 07 version.
Now I wonder whether I should wait a while.

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by CharlesM

Only 28 additional grams, but when you see em side by side you'll see how much more thickness is there. They're more compact as well...

That's all I'm sayin, but these will be up shortly

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by maxxevv

Ahh... see that they have reverted to forging ??

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by Skillgannon

I wonder if this is 0G expanding their lineup, with the heavier, forged brakes coming in at a different price point :?

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by Orca

"Only" TWENTY-EIGHT grams?! :shock:
That's a huge difference.
Will they discontinue the light version?
If yes, why?

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by mrowkoob

Very nice. I´m guessing increased stiffness=better breaking power.
I would trade that for 28 grams
The unbearable wallet lightness of being a weightweenie

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by KF

I like 'em - but it's sad that they out on weight
- G. Digital K. Loco

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by bespoke

I assume these are an addition to the range?
One version = super light
One version = super stiff

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by currieinahurry

will they also be better (easier) to set up?? center etc?

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by jersievers

As a new owner of ZG07's I would say they did need to be stiffened up to compared to the DA and Record counter parts. It would be particually helpful in set up. Might also make them more viable for a pro bike because they would be much easier to set up for the team mechanic (speculation)

Most of the set up issues I had were due to stiffness, been I while that I needed to toe in a brake pad. Also...nice they came with swiss stop pads, but why not yellow AND green. Yellow is not the best on my alloy rims...the pads are wearing really fast.

As far as the weight goes...I was freaking for a second, just scrounging up enough $ to get the 07. I don't feel quite so bad now that I see the -G08 weight more.

Sort of a funny name though...shouldn't it be +G08? Negative would imply 1) bad (probably good brakes) 2) lighter (they are heavier).
latest project <-getting lighter @ 6920

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by arcspin

I'm glad I'm on OG-07.
It is the weight savings that draw my attention to the breaks the first time and I'm super pleased with the breaking performance of OG-07.

I for one will not trade in my OGs for something heavier, that's for sure.

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