How much weight does a powder coat add to a frame?

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by Guest

I'm trying to see if it's worth removing the powder coat from my bike. Any idea on how much weight it would take off?

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by andysklein14

dont know but powdercoating is very durable,I had it done to my steel frame bike and it was very reasonable at $50 for the frame and fork and looks reay nice.. I am considering anodizing a Klein frame . The reason being it is a lot less cash and I gave up trying to find someone to paint it. Anodizing may not be as good looking but it does have the advantage of being less weight . Oh, also you cannot powder coat a Klein frame as the frame cannot be subjected to temperatures greater than 160 F that is why I am seeking other means of making the bare Al frame look nicer and I dont know if anodizing is safe for the frame at this time.

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by wally318

Andy, I talked to GaRY kLEIN in 83 about having a frame made and having it anodized instead of paint. His words were that you might notice the weld zones through the anodize. I guess that depends on the colour you choose, or whether you have a hard coat done. If you can live with that all is well. The only precaution(read prerequisite) is that all steel inserts with thread etc., whether stainless or not will have to be removed. It interferes with the ano. process, and reinstalled after. If some of the hardware is unconventional Gary Klein will probably be able to help you with. As for the powder coat, normal paint adds about 35-45 grams to a frame only( 50-54 cm.) powder coat will be 2-3X that, it just can't be applied as thin. If you really want to go without 80-120 grams of paint weight, consider having it bead blasted. Especially if it is aluminum, it looks not bad , adds no weight doesn't cost too much( probably 10-20.00) it's just not too durable. But can be redone later.

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by Superlite

just wondering how do you know that? The weight of powder coat I mean. Also any other ways to take it off besides bead blasting? Thanks

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