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by tottitotti

Im currently riding with a 42 cm. c-c bar, and Im going to buy a new bar.
Im measured to fit a 44 cm. c-c bar, but when I ordered the old bar I talked to Mr. Schmolke, and he said, that a smaller bar width than normal was better.
What do you guys think. Should I take the chance and go from 42 to 44?
What is your experience?

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by maccpres

When I tried a bigger bar I hated it. I use a 38 now. more aero and easier to move in a tight pack. However, I heard to wear your suite size and I am a 38.

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by gogo

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by Hyde

Are you unhappy with the 42cm? My experience with going wider was that 2cm seemed huge at first but over time it became more natural feeling. If 42 feels good stay with it. If you arent sure pick up a cheap 44cm bar off ebay & ride it till you know...

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by Warblade

When sizing a bar I typically try to get my arms "square" with my shoulders like so: |_| the vertical lines being my arms and the horizontal one, my shoulders. So for me, I ride a 40cm bar. I think that it is perfect that way. But that is just my two cents.

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by Gregorio

I also switched a few years ago from 44 to 42. Did not like it at first but you get use to it very quickly. Now a 44 seems odd.

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by retemple

I switched to a 42 this season from 44. I measure to a 44 but I don't like the wider bar in traffic (crits). I feel like it's a compromise because the wider bar definitely feels better on out-of-the sadddle efforts.

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by tochnics

how about trying it out on a other 44cm bar, that can be a cheap alu bar u buy or trying a bike of someone else with the same size-ish build but with a 44cm bar
mind you there is always a getting to know feeling
the best way is trying it out yourself in real life

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by tottitotti

Thanks for the replies.
Ibought a Deda Newton Shallow today.It is measured 45.5 outside-outside and about 43.5 c-c.
I will give ita try.
Has anyone the ITM 101 carbonbar, and know the precise measure?
Is it stiffer than the Deda Newton?

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