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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by lancejohnson

A composite spoked wheel (i.e. Hed 3 or Corima) transmits far more shock and vibration than a standard laced wheel - which not that big of a deal when you only do a TT, jump off and take a massage, but when you come off and run a marathon the smoother ride from an 808 will give you better snap in your legs for the 26 miles that are ahead of you...

IIRC the z8 set I had was just over 1400g...

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by Jacob

but when you come off and run a marathon the smoother ride from an 808 will give you better snap in your legs for the 26 miles that are ahead of you...

Wow, bombshell. Why hasn't anybody told that to all the (top)triathletes (non-sponsored by, or bike standard equipped with Zipp) who race (hard) with composite-spoked wheels like Corima, Hed or Xentis.

And re: Casran; it's funny how suddenly HED wheels are the ones with problems. Years of Zipp cracking seem suddenly forgotten, and i don't think u will find a wheel more bombproof then the H3.

If you want pretty; buy Zipp or Xentis.
If you want to spend insanely much money for non-existing advantages and bling;buy High Modulus or Zedtech.
If you want aerodynamic bang for the buck; buy Corima, HED.

My 2 cents.
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by Weenie

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I've never heard of a Hed breaking, ever. As far as ideal triathlon wheelset, to me it is a Hed Clincher disc with a Hed 3 up front. Nothing is more aerodynamic. Some may be lighter but none will be faster.

For me there is one(maybe two) variables in selection of any equipment, speed (second is durability). Comfort, looks, and stiffness all take a far third to the previous two things.

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by efeballi

I'd say tubeless. I do not know if Zipp, Corima et al. are convertible to tubeless, but Easton EC90 55 Tubeless is usable right away. With sealant, it should seal small punctured by itself. If sealant fails, stick in a tube and get going again. Rolling resistance is also (arguably) better than clinchers.
My two cents.

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by Tamu8104

My choices would be:
ENVE 6.7 (have these and they are my favorite wheelset)
HED Stinger 6 FR
Zipp 404/808
Bontrager Aeolus D3 5/7
Gaulzetti Cabron Disc = (weight unknown)
Rock Lobster Team Tig SL Disc = (pending)
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by hasbeen

I REALLY hope the OP has found his ideal wheelset and completed his beloved IM. You know being all 2007 and all.
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 step racier than a hybrid bike

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