My 04 Scattante XRL

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by MackDaddy

cadence90 wrote:OK, next pedals/saddle; then seatpost; later on fork; then bar/stem. Later later drivetrain: when it wears, upgrade to lighter components. At least you started with good wheels, that was smart. But you should try clipless pedals, it's not just weight, it's pedaling technique: those you have only lead to further mashing; it's the tricycle stroke we all have in body memory that one needs to change.

Well, the pedals might come next season... but everthing else stays. I'm not made of money and took my time building what I have the way it is. I'm quite satisfied thus far, this I know.

Thanks anyway for your input.

16.6lbs Light enough for now!

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