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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

I had an older klein quantum pro frameset lying around that i converted to a fixed gear bike. One of the reasons that it was lying around unused was that ther was a crack in the stem (it is the klein integrated headset, i think it was called Air something) Anyway. The steerer is neither 1" nor 1.125. So, I made a shim using a coke can (ghetto, but it works) and put a 1.125 stem on it. Now there seems to be excessive drag on the Headset. I think that the shim may be pushing down on the rubber spacers causing this drap. Is anyone familiar with this headset who can offer me some suggestions?

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by saletel

i know they're not to be trusted :lol:

im not familiar with them, but it sounds like the shim is causing problems. but you already knew that :D

my suggestion is to try redoing the shim, if that doesnt work, pull the fork and feel the bearings see if they're good. good luck

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by mfuchs1

I have a 1999 Q-Pro with the same headset. I got a shim from my Klein dealer to convert the steerer tube to a 1.125. It has been there for about 2 years and there have been no problems. I remember that it cost about $10.00 and is made of a plastic type material with a fluted end that goes down onto the bearings which will prevent the problem that you have. I e-mailed Klein tech and got the part # and then went to the dealer and had them order it for me. Hope this helps.


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