Best/Lightest/Smallest Mini pump that actually works

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by NS

After squidging home with about 2 bar in my tyre on Sunday I need a mini pump that works and fits in a pocket not to your frame (If I wanted a pump on my frame I would use a frame pump). My Crank Brothers one was less than effective.


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by bissell

topeak pocket rocket

by Weenie

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by _SJ_

NS wrote:I need a mini pump that works and fits in a pocket not to your frame

This one: ... elID=11314

Bit of elbow grease needed though.

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Mr Search
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by Mr Search

You're not the first to ask this question. Enter minipump in a search and you'll find many WWs have replied.
Someone's probably asked the question before. Hit the Image button to find what you need!

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by musket

I'm a fan of the SKS Wese (after Stefan Weseman). Small, works great and actually achieves a decent pressure (100+psi).

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by jipperd

musket wrote:I'm a fan of the SKS Wese (after Stefan Weseman). Small, works great and actually achieves a decent pressure (100+psi).

website?? never heard of it

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by bobbyOCR

I like the SKS Piccolo. Nice, small, light and works well enough for the price.
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polar ben
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by polar ben

Topeak Rocket Micro CB - carbon barrel, lighter than CO2, works perfectly for me 8) ... elID=11313

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by bespoke

I have become a convert of Blackburn - all their pumps are great

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by mises

Another vote for the Topeak carbon. If you have the persistence it will actually do more than 140psi, in less time than I expected based on the very small size and weight, and it's carbon which has to be good. 8)

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by ehudk

Topeak and SKS will do the job, but You will be dead before...

The only option today is the...:

Innovations Second Wind Carbon Mini

it enable both CO2, and a manual pump strong at least as the 2 (TOPEAK, SKS).


Strong Bad
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by Strong Bad

I like the Topeak Micro Rocket and found that it is small enough to fit in the seat bag on my fixed gear (which has no braze ons). A little too big for the small timbuk2 bag on my Merilin CR though. I might look for a slightly bigger bag for the CR, so I don't have to clamp the pump next to the bottles.

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by clingenpeel

I've tried several, and have found the topeak micro pocket rocket carbon to work's very light and small. The seal from the pump to the tube is good, and you can get the higher pressures. Only downside (and this is true with any of the small pumps) is you have to do alot of work to get it to say 100psi. Unlike some of the others however, the micro pocket rocket will get it to 100psi (and beyond if you have the strength). Because the pump is so small, it is a little hard to get a firm grip on to get the last few psi...However, unlike other pumps, it will get to the higher pressures. If you're already resigned to getting a pocket sized pump, then there is no way around the extra work required....but, this pump does work well...just don't be in a hurry.

by Weenie

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