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by szazbo

I agree that the Fetha adjustable mount is chunky, though they have slimmed it down a lot in their redesigns. The "chunky" mount is flat on the bottom to mount the junction box. The 14g Fetha mount is pretty cool looking though IMO. I used 3M trim tape from a body shop and the mount has stayed in place for 2 years

I found a Tillquist Di2 photo:

And the Fetha 14g mount:

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by kfreytag

So, what do we think of this? http://www.f3cycling.com/products-for-cyclists (other than the fact that it's heavy)
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by Stolichnaya

F3: Seems like a good effort as they only need to produce one mount to fit a myriad of stem bolt spacing patterns.
There may be some compatibility if they designed it to take a number of different stem bolt diameter, in that a mount designed to take a larger diameter stem bolt may not seat properly against a stem faceplate that takes smaller bolts. (cough, Syntace, cough). However, it seems they did their homework and from the photos the mount appears to suit a number of trendy stem designs.

While you are not looking for weight comments it needs to be mentioned. I did not catch the weight on the site anywhere, but it does look portly. The design looks like it could be lightened up in a V 2.0 though. However, the added weight in V 1.0 may translate into a robust mount that can manage a lot of add-ons like camera, light, etc. without flexing too much.

But at that price point and weight, I can't see the reasoning to use this F3 over my current set up of a Tillquist Garmin mount (original design) on the stem and a simple Raceware GoPro band mount on the bar.

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by GJMadone069

Is there a mount for deda 100 stem?

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by dreale

mine for my 3T stem arrived today, looks stunning!!

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by sussexhills

Loads of mounts back in stock on the website including the Ritchey c260 faceplate. Price just went up from 55eur to 70 though :shock:

Ordered a few days ago, looking forward to mounting up on my Ritchey carbon streem aerobar.

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by Butcher

After a few months, I got my two! I just got to get off my butt and start riding again.

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by NiFTY

Any chances of an mcfk mount?
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by Tillquist

A lots of New Garmin Edge Mount i stock today.





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by CallumRD1

The URL isn't working for me.

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by torob

CallumRD1 wrote:The URL isn't working for me.

swap the g and d
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by AndreLM

Tillquist wrote:A lots of New Garmin Edge Mount i stock today.

Excellent timing! Sent an e-mail through the webform just a few minutes before your post. I will place the order soon.

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by Kumppa

Would be nice if you would add weight information on your site.

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by Tillquist

Kumppa wrote:Would be nice if you would add weight information on your site.

Yes thats right.

But there is some weight info under the main picture on each mount
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by kode54

how is the Di2 junction box fitted under a Tillquist mount? i have the v.1 and v.2 mounts and still have to zip tie it to the neck of the mount.
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