please id these rims

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by poynter

i got these wheels off ebay, so they might be a few years old, although there was no wear on them. I just had an accident on the road and so need to replace the front wheel. They are a 650c rim which is aero shaped, 20mm high x 19mm wide with a 14mm inner bead. They were anodised red all over ie: no machined breaking suface, (in pictures, sidewalls are worn) and were built with DT spokes and Tune hubs, probabily mig 66 and mag 200s and weighed 1300g, so must be in the 360g area. I thought they might be an old Velocity rim, Aerohead, any other thoughts.

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by Weenie

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by Florian

Wrong forum, cross post, picture too large again - how about reading the rules before posting?

Further discussion in the original thread please.

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