Can't discuss Ebay items that deal with cycling???

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by cyclemanpat

just got my topic locked-out about an ebay item.....seems strange because there have been many topics about nice ebay bikes for sale and those topics were never locked-out. Don't people on this site want to be informed about nice bikes for sale whether they are on ebay or some other site?.....what's the difference. Recently I posted that Team lots of interest and topic, it wan't locked!!!

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by spytech

Florian did say "this forum isn't meant to discuss all sorts of eBay auctions". some ok some are not i guess the subject very funny item, etc. doesnt help anyone. but look at it this way, the topic was locked, but people can still look at the bike in the ebay auction.

its actually better than other forums i have been too; which do not allow you to post ebay auctions that are still up for bidding, you can only post after the auction is over.

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