NEW PEDALS some advice please

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Sputnick

I'm looking at upgrading my 320g Dura-Ace pedals on my road bike

The choices are;

Aero Lite Ti Pedals 74g

M2 Racer Orb Ti Pedal 107g

Speedplay X-1 150g

Bebop's 178g

Crank Brothers Egg Beater Triple Ti 185g

Interested to hear comments about these pedals

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by zoey

My vote is the X1's

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by Weenie

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by ZeroLite

Hope that doesn't offend Florian.
I want your input.

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by JimmyD

I would stay away from the eggbeaters, I have a pair for my Mountain bike and the pedal rests on the soul of your shoe causing wear at the contact point, also very small portion of your soul carries the weight which can cause a hotspot on your foot from the pressure. I also find them a little too easy to get out of, which I would not feel comfortable with on the road, say while sprinting :frightened:

I am considering the Aero Lites but am not sure yet. anyone have them and use them for racing??

A friend of mine has the speedplays and likes them


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by cadence90

Speedplay X-1 tuned with Superlite alloy bowtie inserts. 150 - 20 = 130g. 8)
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by Superlite

Zoey and Cadence read my mind. :wink: Speedplay X/1's are the way to go, light weight, and hold you firm.

Let me know if you get the X/1's and you can order a set of my alu inserts.

by Weenie

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