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by C-40

Does anyone know why WS was on the podium on Sunday?

by Weenie

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by cadence90

C-40 wrote:Does anyone know why WS was on the podium on Sunday?

Who cares? He must have beat Robin Williams for the maillot brown-nose....
"Gimondi è un eroe umano, che viene sconfitto ma che continua la sua corsa fino a tornare a vincere." - Enrico Ruggeri

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by cyclemanpat

Will Smith is a robot.......he can appear anywhere!!!

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by bobalou

He was promoting i-robot. All the movies open later there then in the U.S. I also think he won the maillot brown-nose. :lol:

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by lancer

he is lance's friend

Tim the Pineapple
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by Tim the Pineapple

To prove Lance is once again a robot not a human...

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by popawheelie

Lance should play a small part in the next terminator movie. He could use his face he puts on that shows no emotion ala the cop on the motorcycle. That would be a gas.

by Weenie

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