Veloflex or Tufo?

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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

I'm thinking of the 160 gm models, which do you thnk is better in terms of flat resistance and least amount of rolling resistance?

by Weenie

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by spytech

i use tufo, i go through alot of glass here in nyc, and still no cuts, my tires have alot of nicks and cuts, but none have gone all the way to puncture the tire.

i have read everywhere that veloflex have the least amount of rolling resistance of almost any tire out there, i wanted to get the pave (black) but i just dont like that the highest psi for that tire is 115, right now i am using my tufo elite road at around 150psi.

i have a friend who loves them (veloflex), says they are great, but he gets to many flats with them, so i guess they are out of the question for everyday riding in nyc. i still may give them a try for myself.

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by kkleen

have tried tufo clinchers just for the reasons you speak about. I live in northern Nj and ride in central park all the time. The tufos are heavy (about 350) grams and they are not very fast. They are however veru cut and flat resistant and the sealant does work. However, the one time when a noail went through the sidewall and the sealant didn't hold, i carefully rode it 10 miles home.

That was it for me and the Tufo's. The next set was veloflex Pave's. An unbeliveable smooth and fast tire. Rated at 180 grams, I thought they woule be shot in no time. I got about 1000 miles before first flat. After that, they do develop some cuts, but i got another 600 miles out of them through the fall and winter with gravel and stuff all over the roads. These tires feel fast and are light and more durable than you would think. Shop around, can be bought for about $40 each. I love them! great grip on dry roads, fair grip in the rain, and run them at about 105 psi.

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by divve

I don't understand what's so attractive about 150psi. To me all it does is feel rock hard and rough.

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by ElDuderino

Nooooooo question. Veloflex all the way. I've used both...the veloflex's handle better, the ride quality is better. The Record model (tubular..180 grams i think?) is a perfect choice for a front wheel, and maybe the servizio course model for the rear (230 grams). Although they are expensive, you will not be disappointed.

Oh, the tufo's. They're allright. Had a S195 in 19mm width. I never flatted, but it's really nothing special.

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by Oswald

I have a set of Corsa tires and a set of Black tires. Haven't tried the Blacks's yet, but have had no punctures after a summer riding the Corsa's. They are very light and have low rolling resistance. I don't like the grip in corners on wet surface. Will try the Black in the summer time. Will probably mount the Corsa on a front wheel and the Black on a rear wheel.

A guy in our club has been riding the Black's during the winter training rides (while I was on GP3000 without any flats) and flatted once every other ride. So I wouldn't recommend them during winter time on Belgian roads.

Would like to try the Veloflex tubulars, but they are so expensive! Am riding the CX, KS and Pavé tubulars now without any problems... I have heard good things about the Criteriums on Belgian roads, but would prefer a Record front and Corsa rear. Does anyone have any experience with this combo in real life circumstances? Or how about a Corsa front and a Crit rear?

by Weenie

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by Dr.Dos

Tufos are excellent for training rides if you insist on using carbon wheels (or collés in general) whereas Veloflex excel in racing.

Veloflex are faster, more resilient and livelier as already mentioned above. Tufos feel like solid rubber in comparison, even Michelin Pro ² Race Clinchers with latex tubes are better imho.

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