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by spytech

has anyone used or seen this stem, i have seen it installed in a bike. has anyone tried it any opinion or review on it?


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by Bititanio

Went from a Nag00 to the Forza in the same 120 size -- Forsa is MUCH stiffer, although with a much "beefier" look to it. It goes well with my C50, but might not look right on all bikes. My buddy just put one on a Seven Ellium, and loves it....

I have the "checkpoint" computer mount from a Cinelli RAM attached with two cable ties to mount my computer out in from on the stem for better viewing, and just had to do the same on my friend's
C50 5e.jpg

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by 88a

Can you elaborate on the "checkpoint" computer mount?

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by mises

What's the height of Forza stem where it clamps the steerer? Not sure the 82 degree angle would work on my bike if it's too tall.

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by cyclemanpat

weight of stem?

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