Rolf Elan vs. American Classic 350

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by Bruiser

I'm very happy with their rims, it's just their hubs that I'm not happy with.

It doesn't mean everything of the company is bad.

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by bobalou

cirroc wrote:The WI bearings look like a nice improvement. In addition to WI internals, the 2004 hub shells look completely new. Does this add any significant weight to the 2004 wheels? Anybody out there with the 2004 Elan Aeros want to mention if they are holding to the (still) advertised weight of 1295g?

So why are you considering the elans and what other wheels are you considering other then the two you mentioned. I don't know if there are any other elan owners on this forum PERIOD, much less someone with the aeros! I just know the WI bearings are heavier in in the 2004's .. I don't know if they use a different shell but I don't think so. Feel free to correct me if anyone knows. You can just call rolfprima yourself and ask them, they'll tell you. :wink: Or send them an email.

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by cirroc

I like the higher tension used with paired spokes which gives more torsional stiffness and better durability (higher spoke tension reduces percentage of spoke detensioning during wheel rotation). I'm also looking at lightweight clinchers from Spada, but I'm not sure about the partial radial spoking on the rear wheels. I broke several spokes on a rear wheel like that (custom build) and switched it over to all tangential spoking (no further problems).

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