Chipo and Petacchi Withdraw form the TDF

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by Bruiser

Petacchi - "I'm really sorry I can't continue," he said. "It's a big disappointment to me, and basically it's because I just cannot raise my arm. Last year I came here and I was in worse condition but I managed to be a protagonist in the Tour. Now I'll just have to see what happens."

Chipo - There he crashed on his left side and opened up a cut in his left leg that hadn't healed from the Giro. It has become infected, he has a light fever and is in a lot of pain, which was why he was in trouble during stage 5. Cipollini decided that he didn't want to risk his condition and has left the race.

What a shame.

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by bobalou

Never seen so many crashes in the TDF, this seems the worst year yet (so far) for crashes. Real shame that Petacchi and Cipo are out .. I was hoping for at least a few sprints with those guys contending.

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by Ralphy-boy

I think they are just scared of Robbie VTIC :lol:


Also I think Lance is A LOT more relaxed this year.

"the older I get, the better I was"

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by rico

I'd be scared of anyone who deliberately names his son "Ewan McEwan".


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by tom2517

well, now petacchi is a marked man by the top teams, he may find life is tough at the top. especially after what he had done at the giro, i am sure all the top sprinters and teams tried hard to prevent the same from happening again at TDF.

besides, green jersey takes more than outright speed, otherwise cipo would have tons of it already.

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