Weight Weenie o/t Year '06 NOMINATIONS 'till 13 Dec. 24h CET

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by schmalex

Can a moderator tell us who has the most posts in the last year (top 5)? Not that quantity should be taken over quality, but this may bring up some other names. That said, I'm pretty impressed by Simon's record.

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by Stoeperd

My vote goes to Simon. He is great!
I gonna watch him tomorrow on tv again in the WC of Milan. Because I'm sick I'm at home. So there is a good point being sick :D
The bike isn't the problem

by Weenie

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by lancejohnson

i think simon and zakeen are the leaders for the top honors. not only very knowledgeable and generous on the forums, but flying the ww flag high in the top ranks of the sport. i'f i had to tip it one way, i'd go with zakeen based on his cheeky choice to extend weight-weenie-ism to removing non-vital body parts in the off season... :lol:

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by evenfasterson

I dont think it should be decided on most parts or even best bike. some people cant afford a super WW bike but they can still provide their opinions and experties equally to anyone else.

Surely it should be contribution to threads and advice on technical issues etc. that counts. Also contributions to the sport of cycling and performances in races aswell as the season as a whole.

Thats my opinion anyway. :wink:

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by Skillgannon

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by Nicolai

Haven't decided yet, but prolly my vote goes to Nicole Richie. She's truly upped the ante on weight weenie-ism.

Madcow is on the list for my candidates too, since he weights 125 lbs, give or take a few, depending has he taken his Antabus pills or not.

Uh, choices choices. :roll:
Oh! - Suits you sir!

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by Willier

Balenaar wrote:For me is LJ the WW of the year 2006 :wink:


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by Boonen

Nice idea C a s r a n :thumbup:

My vote would have to go to LJ for always helping out fellow ww's and supporting the forum, showing genuine interest in other people and their bikes as well as cheering us up with a new nice build from time to time and for being a nice guy in general.

Other nominations from me would be:
- Madcow, for his extensive knowledge and willingness to share that with the rest of us in the form of good advise, help and insider stories about new products .
- FelixOr, for his ever ongoing quest to get the lightest bike possible and his energy put into tuning parts and sharing both the process and the results with us.
- pk0r, for building the ultimate ww bike with an exceptional attention to detail and for always being ready with advise and to lend a helping hand.

There are more people who would deserve a nomination as there are a lot of cool people around here but his is it for me.

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by santabarbara

Pictures of the abovementioned bikes would be nice. ... but, I guess I can always search for them.

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by michael

I vote for Samu, since if you're crazy enough you can spend as much $$$ on a WW bike as you want, but making your own bike, that is really something special!

(but it was a TT bike, so maybe we should also vote for an aero-weenie of the year 2006)
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by frd

To me its a close sprint between Simon and Zakeen.

Both are always willing to help and give advice. It doesn't happen everyday to a regular uberslow rider like me to get training advices from top pros :D

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by chisa

posts i have read and found interesting.

chris kuiper,


the roues artisanles dude. - i love custom wheels. :D

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by haydiy

go, Zakeen!

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by slowrider

The fastets ofcourse, maybe Zakeen :P

by Weenie

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by Rich_W

mike wrote:i vote rich w for giving us ww's his reviews on ww parts

:shock: Wow... I'm honored!!

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