Weight Weenie o/t Year '06 NOMINATIONS 'till 13 Dec. 24h CET

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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King Weel
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by King Weel

I would vote for Mads Kock!
Specialized S-Works Allez (the shiny one :) )
Turner Czar

by Weenie

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by evilgeek

King Weel wrote:I would vote for Mads Kock!

me too!

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

thank you very very much - that made my day alot better! I'm happy that someone like at least some of my postings :-)

I would vote for so many people because so many people gives great information every day but IF I would name a few that would be:


all have great insight! My respect to them!

into the mist

by into the mist

from a newcomer this year;


Both interesting to read, for different reasons.

A e o l u s
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by A e o l u s

my vote would go to LJ.... i think everyone knows the reasons why....
2nd Simon

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by sniperworks

from the MTB side of the Site, I would also have to say Mads Kock.
Humor, posts with alot of information, he's a nice poster.

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by RollinOn27s

Le Jerk.

The dude knows his shit. About all aspects of cycling.

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by sl

Mads Kock

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by Roeboe


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C a s r a n
WW of the Year 2005
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by C a s r a n

So, here's the deadline. All nominations have come to an end. These guys go to the final election poll (in alphabetical order):

    Mads Kock
    The Jerk

Congratulations for all those who got nominations. It means the WW community appreciated your contributions over the last year very much and in a special way.

Another word on 2 nominees who will not run the election:

- Zakeen: Adam, you got the most nominations of all, but decided not to be running in the WWotY poll. A pity, imho, but with your post you once again showed all the classy style I admire you so for: you honestly said you're not sure how busy you'll be next year and if you will be as much on this forum as you'd like to be. Thanks. Still, I like your contributions and style so much, your generosity, your true WW spirit, following your excellent race results and career... and still finding time to be on Weight Weenies, even in the airport. You would have been an awesome Weight Weenie of the Year. But we're glad you're on this board and hope to read from you many more!

- madcow: the third most nominated member. You have an unbelievable knowledge and experience we all benefit from, and we're very gratefull for that. You are the man behind so many things, like last years WWofY election. You deserve to be mentioned here.

Last thing:

Bill Niko, bigfellow, was nominated as well, but not enough as he deserves to be... He has a big place in our hearts and minds. I will not let him run in a poll, for obvious reasons. Bill does not need any vote from anyone to be sure he's a top guy; he is missed here so much.

I will start a final election poll with the 9 most nominated members (as mentionned in the list above) any minute.


@ mods: this topic can be closed. Doesn't have to stay sticky any more. Thx.

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by SvelteCycles

I vote for "The Jerk" .



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by bike_add1ct

SvelteCycles wrote:I vote for "The Jerk" .



Then vote

No need to post here anymore.

nofi, btw

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by marko

Simon he riding on top and still posts on a rather quiet cross forum, and we get the inside info as well.

in the industry
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by RTW

Also posted in the voting thread:

Mads all the way.

He is the only person nominated who regularly contirbutes to all areas of this site (MTB, Road and Training - not sure about CX!) and that for me means that he is the only real candidate. Personally that the Bovine pulled out is a shame for me. Because he posts everywhere. This site isn't just for roadies, and I think that for all of the good that the other nominees do (and no discredit or disrespect is meant), it must be recognised that we constantly encourage a polemic view. For example that this vote is in the Road section and not the Weight Weenies section is almost laughable. I will admit that many people don't go in the Weight Weenies forum, but that isn't a reason to make everything of interest happen here, it will just exacerbates the problem.

Personally I think there are a lot more helpful people (as a percentage) and less garbage on the MTB section than appears on the road section. Anyone who has knowledge about just one discipline is useful but in no way should be the representative or ambassidor of this site.

Mods can we move this please?

by Weenie

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