Lightest Production Tubular Wheels Currently on Market

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by HawkMt210

Ok so ya clinchers are getting better but everyone knows that tubulars are the ultimate. They can be made into lighter wheels, they flat less often (I have raced tubulars for 3 years and have yet to flat. Thats over 3000 miles of racing without a flat), they handle better, and in the event of a flat, they have almost no chance of a blowout and you can ride them when they are flat in an emergency (a la Olano in the 96 worlds). But key to the weightweenie inside is that they are lighter than clinchers. So since that clincher list is all but done, and I mean it was nice but for top performance I'd never get a clincher wheel, so why don't we work on a lightest tubular list? Early candidates: ADA, Lightweight, Reynolds (all 4), Zipp (202, 303, 404), Spada? (dont know much about them), corima winium, campagnolo hyperon (the corima and campy to a lesser extent), umm ya those are the wheels that come to mind when I think of lightweight wheels.

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by cadence90

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