Velomax Ascent II Tubular

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benz76 wrote:@ Ye Olde:
Aren't Winums rims a bit on the heavish side for WW like us? Comparing them to Zipp 202 or 280, I mean... :wink:

I know that Corima's rims have excellent overall quality (durability, reliabilty, stopping power), but Winium rims are not so light...
IMO it would be very difficult to go below 1100 grams with a pair of them.

What do you think of other Italian wheels? (e.g. Fir Ronda Corsa, Fir Flay)

Bye, Benz.

Winium rims are about 300gm. Considering how you have had problems in descending recently, a stiff reliable rim with good braking characteristics might be what you need. I wouldn't trust the 202 for another year or so (Zipp always seems to have problems when they release a new product), the 280 is lighter only by 10-15gm, I didn't suggest it as it didn't compare to the rims you were first looking at, I don't know if I'd take them over Winiums in any case, it's such a nicely made rim in comparison. Never seen spoke hole bulges on a Corima rim like you do on every Zipp rim.

I've never seen the Ronda, the Flay looked okay, but heavy (mainly because of the hubs that I think they get from WR Compositi).
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