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by BeeBee30

Hi, I had a plan to get the Hollogram crankarms on my Synapse anodised black, but I now think this is not possible as they are made up of two parts which are bonded together, am I right in thinking that the anodising process involves an acid bath which would damage the bonding agent? If thats the case, has anyone any alternative ideas for coating the arms, would powder coating work? Cannondale did produce some anodised black hollogram cranks on the Black Lightning models, would these have been coated before bonding?
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by spookyload

I agree that the annodizing would probably destroy the cranks. I had some parts annodized a few years back. I was able to watch as they did it and ask a ton of questions. He even put some other materials such as steel bolts in to show me what happens when things go wrong in annodizing. I would guess if the two crank parts are bonded, they would probably come apart. I put a front derailleur clamp with a steel nut in to see what happens, and it destroyed the nut, and severly discolored the aluminum clamp in the process.

As for other options, you could powder coat or just have a painter paint them. You might have better luck finding a new set on ebay in black though.

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by Ti

I have a spare crank arm,and I wil send it in this week together with some other parts to anodise black.I will let you know how it turns out.

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