syntace f99/kestrel ems pro sl

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by cadence90

Has anyone used this combo: Syntace F99/Kestrel EMS Pro SL?
Experiences: OK or not OK?
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by spaniardclimber


Answer from kestrel:

The best stems for the Kestrel carbon bars will have a lot of contact between the insides of the stem plates and the bar....this spreads the binding force of the stem more evenly over a larger area.....Don't know that that particular stem would damage the bar but there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of contact area...Best stems have been the ITM stems....Ritchey WCS stems.

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Subject: Compatible stem?

Im interested in your ems pro/sl handlebar but I would like to know if it is compatible with 4 point stems such as the syntace stem I have attached.
The people of syntace told me that this type of stems are 'handlebar killers' and that I should check with the bar manufacturer.

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by gholl

I have used this combination for several months now and have found it excellent-no problems at all. The stem is stiff and the bars are resilient. I'd recommend this setup to anyone

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by Ye Olde Balde One

cadence90 wrote:Has anyone used this combo: Syntace F99/Kestrel EMS Pro SL?
Experiences: OK or not OK?

I think it's better to have a larger contact area with a smaller number of corners to act as stress raisers, this means a one piece plate. Easton in their white paper also state it's better to use a two-bolt stem with carbon bars, I think it's even more appropriate with lighter weight carbon bars (sub 190gm). With the Syntace stem you have eight corners that are also very pointed, they aren't rounded at all. This combined with the small clamps could be a problem, at the least, make sure you use a good torque wrench when fitting even more of a priority with this combination.

I would even be wary of this stem with light aluminum bars like the Prima199.
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by MiNtzNUrMth

Do you guys think the heavier kestral bar(215) will be ok with this stem? I figured it would be fine since they claim you can use any clipon with this bar. But i'd rather make sure first before killing myself on a decent.

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