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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by wally318

Mirror mirror on the wall I wonder who is the biggest weight weenie of us all? I wonder what has been the lightest bike that has ever been built/ridden (hillclimbing specialist bikes count).

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by Cyco

I was hoping you were refering to the size of the weenie rather than their weenieness.

I come in at 193cm (6'4") and 92kg (204lbs). Ive learnt not to expect light parts to last and only use them on my race bikes.

As to your other question, see the links page.

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by Florian

Cyco wrote:As to your other question, see the links page.

...or click here ->


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by Triathlete

Yeah... I was hoping for more of a "who is the biggest person" contest.

I'm 6'1'' (about 1.85 meters) and weigh in at 206 lbs (approx. 94kg) :shock:

Though my bike doesn't weigh TOO much I end up hauling a lot because of my large frame, thick neck and gigantic butt :lol:

Oh well... I'll keep trying anyway.


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by Bruiser

Does the weight really make a difference when you're already solid :?:
I'm only 145lbs and I can feel improvements quickly. I find improving my power to weight ratio helps.
Be great to hear about the size of other weenies.

The weeniest person? I've heard of one person who shaved the seat stay tubes of his frame to lose weight


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by Cyco

I was introduced to well designed light parts by a friend who has a box of broken parts lying around after various attempts to reduce their weights (holes, filing).

p.s. Bruiser where in Aus are you?


by popawheelie2

Maybe if I can get ahold of a digital camera to post pics of my lightweight parts I can win the most less is more award. :roll: :roll: :roll:

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