has anyone else seen this articel (if so, why no discussion?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

has anyone seen this article on velonews? http://www.velonews.com/tech/report/art ... 214.0.html
What do you guys think?

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by benz76

It seems to me that big manufacturers have noticed THE THING at least: we want light bikes!!

Look, Trek, most of Italian manufactures, etc are still selling "heavy" bikes: the technology is ready to give us sub 1000gr frames (and sub 300 gr forks) reliable enough for most of the riders.

I think we're going to see lots of light frames: Look, but also De Rosa, Trek (Lance proto, a mix of Superlight and Madone, weighin around 1050 gr), etc.

About Look 585: very nice bike, and even nicer fork...

Bye, Benz.

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by Dr.Dos

The frameset looks awesome, so much better than this years 'aero' models. Even better is the small hint 'The 585, also available in straight black' :)

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by spytech

the fork looks great, as for the frame it also looks good, lets see what the review say about it. still the 585 frame is out of my league at over $3000 for the frame alone. many bikes in this weight range now. scott, storck, giant, etc; and more to come. i think stiffness, durability, quality, stw, and ride quality is something more lightweight bikes should improve on. rather than just making THE LIGHTEST FRAME :roll: .

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by mises

"If you follow manufacturer's directions regarding clamping force of quick-releases and roof racks, there won't be a problem with cracking or breaking. This stuff is that strong."

How does the average home mechanic measure clamping force of a quick release? I like the idea, but in practice it sounds like dropouts will be crushed.

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

So...there should be note on fork: Use only Tune q-r's!

Light (Mine are 53g/PAIR) and nice! And fork friendly....

About frame/fork, VERY nice! Good looking bikes are becoming too rare todays....Put Record parts,Lightweight wheels, 3TTT stem/bar and there it's...

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by Superlite


Follow up from PEZ

Pedals are pretty sweet, not the lightest, but getting down.

190g for Ti set, not bad, but not superlite. :wink:

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